what do you want on the wall of death ?

A little heavy on the saxophone – in the long run – perhaps, but why quibble ?

From the soundtrack to Jérôme Laperroussaz\’s esotric cinematic ode to European bike racing and the crashing independent. Recorded in the spring of 1971, like \”Pink Floyd, live at Pompeii\” without Pink Floyd. Or a volcano.

Reissued fairly recently on CD, but once again out of print.

Christian Tritsch: bass; Pip Pyle: drums; Didier Malherbe: saxophone, flute; Gilli Smyth: space whisper; Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals.

GONG: WHAT DO YOU WANT ? from \”Continental Circus (Original Soundtrack)\” LP (Philips) 1971 (France)


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