what\’s growing on down at spahn ranch ?

keep it in the family. portrait from spahn ranch, california.

A slice of tomato tinged psychedelia. With nary a \”Glass Onion\” in sight.

Fresh from the vine, via Gus, Family is the group backing ex-Trafficker, Dave Mason on his excellent debut single on Island from 1968; a tight London based outfit with grand designs and no blood ties to the Spahn Ranch mob, I feel obliged to add. But fate has a way of joining the dots.

In a strangely familial fashion.


\”I bought the first Family album in summer \’68 on the same day I bought \’Saucerful of secrets\’ the first day I\’d bought two albums on one day as I had a summer job in a tomato nursery.\”

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London. Produced by Dave Mason and Jimmy Miller (on \”The Breeze\”).

From Wiki: \”The Beatles had originally intended to use the title A Doll\’s House for the album they were recording during 1968. The release of Family\’s similarly titled debut then prompted them to adopt the minimalist title The Beatles for what is now more commonly referred to as The White Album.\”

Did Charlie know about this White Album / Family connection ? One doubts it. But it adds another dimension to \”See Through Windows\”, don\’t it ?

Don\’t let the family catch y\’all playing peek-a-boo, brothers and sisters.

FAMILY: THE BREEZE from \”Music In A Doll\’s House\” LP (Reprise) 1968 (UK)

FAMILY: SEE THROUGH WINDOWS from \”Music In A Doll\’s House\” LP (Reprise) 1968 (UK)



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