white riot

Extract from a private correspondence to an American friend addressing post election hangover:

\”Our own political reality here in the UK is so mired in bland inanity that one is entirely unable to differentiate incompetence from the genuine potential for evil. We are in an economic and social limbo bordering on clinical depression...

I am most definitely part of what is now quite comfortably defined [and officially listed] as the \”white underclass\”. Untermensch, in the parlance of those National Socialists of yore.

Soon, no doubt, they will begin erecting fences around the ghettos. You may well find me reflecting on this subject very soon.\”

Released on March 18th, 1977. Written by Strummer & Jones; produced by Mickey Foote.

THE CLASH: WHITE RIOT from \”White Riot b/w 1977\” 45 (CBS) 1977 (UK)

THE CLASH: 1977 from \”White Riot b/w 1977\” 45 (CBS) 1977 (UK) michael footnote:

In fact. They have already erected fences around the ghettos. They are invisible; a bit like the emperor\’s new clothes. Don\’t go near the water. PURCHASE IT ON VINYL


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