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Just over a year ago, you may recall, I featured a still from photographer, Wayzata Camerone\’s \’Glendale Series\’ after stumbling on an enlightening piece on Nothin\’ Says Somethin\’

Most people, I suspect – passing familiar with Camerone – will remember him as feverish vocalist and player with white L.A. rioters, The Braniacs. Nathan Nothin\’ also recalls that he ran a \”notorious afterhours punk club frequented by X, Blasters, Plugx, Go-Go’s, Fear, Weirdos\”; a rotating cast now almost as noirishly delinquent as 1950\’s mugshots. Flipped over on a sticky ringed bar.

Let\’s get lost.

Less well known, perhaps, is that Wayzata Camerone was himself an accomplished practioner in 10 x 8. Teaching F-Stop and depth of field in a class in Pasadena in the 90\’s. Perfecting, I waxed back then, \”a hardboiled eroticism perfectly at home in the seedier Californian haunts once home to would-be Hollywood screenwriters and miscreants\”. Images snatched with all the delicacy of a safecracker in the thick of armed robbery.

Well. Posthumously, Wayzata deserves his share in the heist bankrolled by east coast upstarts of the calibre of a Richard Kern. Should anybody call on me as a witness, I will gladly attest to it.

The WordPress blog, Wayzata Camerone, is an attempt to set the record straight by executors of his estate. Director, India Jennings recently got in touch with me to the effect that more negatives have been uncovered; \”probably made between ’93 and ’94 at Wayzata’s cottage-studio in Glendale, or at a West LA apartment he rented from ’94 to ’95.\”

The above slice of tail is one of two original prints dusted out of a cottage he procured while on the run. From demons, maybe. A scarlet virus.

It is almost perfect. I would clap my hands, but the ghost of recalcitrance gets in the way. The gnawed shaft of a #3 wood.

Let\’s get crossed. Off everybody\’s motherf@ckin\’ list. 

I know a hit when I smell one. The perfect fairway strike continues to elude me.

postscript: WDC is alive and swell. MCB. Not so much drunk with funk, as fine and finnegan; reconstituted in DC.

CHET BAKER: LET\’S GET LOST from \”Chet Baker Sings & Plays With Bud Shank, Russ Freeman & Strings\” LP (Pacific Jazz) 1955 (US) CHET BAKER: LOVE VIBRATION from \”The Incredible Chet Baker Plays & Sings\” LP (Carosello) 1977 (US)


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