who\’s been f@cking with bl*gger then ?

FICS 001.

Well, it\’s Halloween, brothers and sisters. Some people like to get dressed up; other bastards like to hide behind a mask. Make scary noises and waft a tortured sheet about. A bit like the Ku Klux Clan. Grand Wizards and monkeys scratching their red hairless bottoms.

Well. Here we go then. What else is new ?

It was always shit to begin with. A game full of bogeys played by handicapped humps. Grotesques. Arseholes just like me.

Scratch n\’ sniff. Bend n\’ flush.

Based, it would seem, on a rather famous novel by some minor writer or other by the name of Albert Camus. The illiterate PC brigade might well have a fit. In fact, they have already.

Censorship ? What censorship ?

And don\’t ask me about that f@cking party, either. The hacksaw might just slip and nick my ankle.

THE CURE: KILLING AN ARAB from \”Killing An Arab b/w 10:15 Saturday Night\” 45 (Small Wonder / Fiction) 1978 (UK)



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