wichita lineman

\”by the time i get to phoenix\”: glen campbell, november 2003. arrested in phoenix, arizona on drunk driving and hit and run charges.

The best performer of Jimmy Webb compositions, by a long chalk. But resolutely guilty of failing to walk the line; sober or not.

From elsewhere:

\”During the late 1970s/early 1980s, when Grammy Award-winning country singer Glen Campbell\’s popularity began to wane, the singer began abusing drugs and began a long-term affair with singer Tonya Tucker that was frequently reported in the supermarket tabloids. After 1989, Campbell pronounced himself clean and sober, a fact he restated in his 1994 autobiography Rhinestone Cowboy. However, in November 2003, Campbell was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, on drunk driving and hit and run charges. According to a police report, Campbell smashed into another car at an intersection and left the scene. When police approached Campbell at his home, the singer kicked an officer, which added an aggravated assault on a police officer charge. After spending ten days in jail, Campbell pled guilty to DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, receiving a sentence of community service.\”

Almost makes me feel that the hangover I\’m suffering from this morning is small potatoes.

Of special historical import, the early \’feminist\’ anthem, \”Dreams of the Everyday Housewife\” demonstrates Glen\’s empathy with the emerging movement. An alliance clearly built on a heartfelt radical aesthetic.

With that mugshot in his portfolio, he could\’ve got a part in Peter Bogdanovich\’s \”The Last Picture Show\”.

GLEN CAMPBELL: WICHITA LINEMAN from \”Wichita Lineman\” LP (Capitol) 1968 (US)

GLEN CAMPBELL: DREAMS OF THE EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE from \”Wichita Lineman\” LP (Capitol) 1968 (US)



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