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paging dr. benway!

Jon mentioned somewhere that Burroughs was on a list of beatniks he met. I can\’t remember where, but drop in on his site Poetry Is For Assholes. It\’s an interesting visit.

The following track is from Gus Van Sant\’s 1985 release, \”the Elvis of Letters\”, produced shortly before he dropped music in favour of film. Apparently, most of the original vocal recordings featured were culled from the 1966 \”Call Me Burroughs\” LP, which i\’ve never had the pleasure of hearing.

Van Sant employed a similar \”cut up\” technique on this record to the one credited to Burroughs and fellow beatnik, Bryon Gysin in their pioneering early work. Burroughs, of course, subsequently returned the favour and delivered a significant cameo performance in Van Sant\’s \”Drugstore Cowboy\”.

It works extremely well.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS & GUS VAN SANT: MILLIONS OF IMAGES from \”The Elvis Of Letters\” EP (Cutout/Tim Kerr Records) 1985 (US)

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