you dirty f@cker…

william grundy, the younger.

A graduate in Geology, the one shared characteristic lay in personality. Like that of an upturned stone; seemingly chiseled on the outside but wet and uncommonly slimy underneath.

As host of Thames TV\’s \’Today\’ show, of course, he prompted a nationwide scandal in December, 1976 with his baiting of the Sex Pistols. It was Jones and not Rotten, fittingly, who infamously turned the on air blue.

Cue \”the filth and the fury\”.

A royal fiasco: a silver jubilee Catherine Wheel of choreographed sparks more than chance encounter. In those original closing moments, as the studio lights dimmed and the captions slid into a commercial break, Grundy seemed genuinely stunned. Only just resigned, perhaps, to his role in the show\’s descent into chaos and the woeful looming specter of accountability.

An experienced presenter at the peak of his game, it must have infuriated him to have so visibly lost all semblance of control. Jones, on the contrary – while Rotten looked on bemused – was clearly delighted. Glen Matlock merely seemed baffled.

\”Where\’s Bill Grundy Now ?\” was a little piece of reverential genius, though not quite in the same league as the \”O-Level\” EP also name-checked.

The incident derailed Grundy\’s career. A broadcasting pariah, prime time turned its cheek and then its back as Grundy failed in his appeal for clemency. William Grundy died in Stockport, Greater Manchester in 1993 as the result of a post-traumatic cardiac arrest.

\”Oh, shit…\”, he was seen to mutter.

Recorded at I.P.S. Studios, Shepherds Bush.

Total cost @ £22.50

Mastered at John Martin of Reading. Total cost @ £34.00

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES: WHERE\’S BILL GRUNDY NOW ? from \”Where\’s Bill Grundy Now ?\” EP (Kings Road / White Label) 1978 (UK) A DAY IN HEAVEN


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