young team revisited

It\’s a Sunday thing. Rebus on a bus pass; a restricted service.

The first cut – recorded by Andy Miller – was released in January 1997, coupled with \”Helicon 1\”, on a vinyl 7\” distributed through Wurlitzer Jukebox and features the line-up as listed. It was reissued months later on the retrospective CD, \”Ten Rapid\”, on Rock Action.

\”Tracy\” can be found on their debut LP – recorded and mixed at MCM Studios, Hamilton, in the summer of the same year – with Teenage Fanclub\’s Brendan O\’Hare attending drums in uncharacteristically restrained fashion. O\’ Hare also provided photography originally utilized on the cover, subsequently revised for its 2008 re-release, but vacated the chair before \”Young Team\” hit the shops. The line-up since then has oscillated to accommodate minor changes in direction.

MOGWAI: HELICON 2 from \”New Paths To Helicon\” 45 (Wurlitzer Jukebox) 1997 (UK) MOGWAI: TRACY from \”Young Team\” CD (Chemikal Underground) 1997 (UK)


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