Tuesday, July 20, 2010

handcuffs | restraints

'hassle', not 'haysil': april 29, 1936 - april 25, 2005.

"...I said, 'could I smoke ?'"

Uncharacteristically understated, on first inspection, the Haze nonetheless lets rip here - at 1'20", and towards the fade - with a chilling approximation of a police siren wailing. Just one of 7,000 reputed original compositions penned and recorded for various labels, not least Norton, between 1962 and his death as the result of vehicular manslaughter.

No manic cackling, sadly, or full tilt pulse laid out bare, but the a-side to this third outing on the Avenue label - operating out of Kentwood, Louisiana - still packs enough attitude to sink a latrine choked full of stools.

A casual mumbled eloquence Jagger might have sold his soul to emulate.

Both sides can be found on the 1985 Dee Jay Jamboree compilation, "Chicken Walk", named after Adkins' infamous 1962 release for Air Records, printed first in Miami, Florida.

photograph by ralph crane, 1969.

HASIL ADKINS & HIS HAPPY GUITAR: DUNCENS from "Duncens b/w Jenny Lou" 45 (Avenue, La.) 1966 (US)

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