Sunday, May 31, 2015

end of dub transmission

beggars dub


Recorded during August and September, 1984 at 
Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and Rooster, West-London. 
Written and produced by Cocteau Twins.
 Design by 23 Envelope

COCTEAU TWINS: PANDORA from "Treasure" LP 4AD (CAD 412) (UK) 1984

lee perry not lee perry

black ark in dub

Recorded 1977 at The Black Ark Studio. Kingston, Jamaica. 
Written and produced by Aisha Morrison.
Written and arranged by Desmond Bryan.
Junior Murvin: guitar; Aston "Family Man" Barrett: bass;
Carlton Barrett: drums; Ansel Collins: keyboards.

LEE PERRY: HOW DEEP from "Black Ark In Dub" LP Lagoon (LG1-1013) (JA/FR) 1991

fire in the vatican

dreader than dread

"Dreader Locks" b/w "Militant Rock"
Dip (DL 5060) (JA) 1975
Arranged & Produced by Lee Perry.

LEE AND JUNIOR: DREADER LOCKS from "Dreader Locks b/w Militant Rock" 7" 45 Dip (DL 5060) (JA) 1975

the prince him sly

uhuru in dub

"A Eden Pan Street" b/w "Version" (Jammy)
Jammy's (NONE) (JA) 1977
Recorded at Channel One Recording Studio
Mixed at King Tubby's Studio.


rigid digits

strickly punk rockers

Written by Bob Marley.
Produced by Geoff Travis, Mayo Thompson.
Recorded November 1-13, 1978
at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: JOHNNY WAS from "Inflammable Material" LP Rough Trade (ROUGH 1) (UK) 1979

Saturday, May 30, 2015

culture in dub

two seven's clash (version) 

Written by Joseph Hill.
"Two Sevens Clash b/w "Version" (The Mighty Two)
Joe Gibbs Record Globe (NONE) (JA) 1977

CULTURE: TWO SEVENS CLASH DUB from "Rare & Unreleased Dub" CD Revolver (REV CD 258) (JA/ZA) 2003

two dubs is not a trinity

channel one disco mix
Recorded and produced at Channel One.

TRINITY: ALL GONE from "All Gone b/w Version" 7" 45 Disco Mix (NONE) (JA) 1975
THE REVOLUTIONARIES: THE LEFTIST (VERSION) from "The Leftist b/w Version" 7" 45 Disco Mix (NONE) (JA) 1977

santa atlantic

santic in dub

1st issue on the Santic label.
Recorded at Randy's Recording Studio.
Produced by Leonard Anthony Chin.
Mixed by Errol Thompson.

AUGUSTUS PABLO: PABLO IN DUB from "Pablo In Dub b/w Hell Boat" 7" 45 Santic (NONE) (JA) 1974 • "This is Augustus Pablo" LP Kaya (ST-11214) (JA) 1974

waltz of the crab girl

deep water dub 

On various compilations
including "The Fatman Tapes".

KING TUBBY: WATER DUB from "Water Dub" CD Lagoon (LG2-1055) (JA) 1993

the chiller

satta down dub

"Pablo Satta" b/w "Tubby's Special"
Rockers (NONE) (JA) 1975

 ▼ AUGUSTUS PABLO: SATTA from "King Tubby's Meets Rockers Uptown" LP Yard Music (NONE) (JA) 1976

pablo sketches

horace swaby paints

From the LP recorded variously at Harry J; A & R; 
Channel One; King Tubbys; Black Ark Studios.
AUGUSTUS PABLO: UNFINISHED MELODY from "Unfinished Melody b/w Melody Dub" 7" 45 Rockers (TAL 354) (JA) 1977 • "East Of The River Nile" LP Message (DSR 7108) (JA) 1978

Friday, May 29, 2015

on-u sound

snipers in the streets

Written by Roydel Johnson,
AKA Congo "Ashanti" Roy.
Album recorded at various studios in London
and Channel One Recording Studio, Kingston.
Produced by Adrian Sherwood.

SINGERS & PLAYERS: SNIPERS IN THE STREETS from "Staggering Heights" LP On-U Sound (ON-U LP 23) (JA/UK) 1983

from black ark to notting hill

on the street dub

Auditioned and recorded at Black Ark Studio, May 1976.

Clash version recorded 10–27 Feb 1977 at CBS Studios, London 
& National Film / Television School, Beaconsfield, England 
following the Notting Hill riot, 1976. Produced by Mickey Foote.

THE UPSETTERS: GRUMBLING DUB from "Police And Thief b/w Grumbling Dub" 7" 45 Wild Flower (WF-513) (JA) • "Police And Thieves b/w Grumbling Dub" 7" 45 Mango (JA/US) 1976
THE CLASH: POLICE AND THIEVES from "The Clash" LP CBS (CBS-82000) (UK) 1977

spit di dummy

dub submission

Originally released by Dawn Penn in 1967.
Version recorded at Channel One and King Tubby Studios.
Produced by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke. 
 Engineered by King Tubby and Philip Smart.

BLACK FOUNDATION: NO, NO, NO from "Black Foundation Dub" LP Gussie (NONE) (JA) 1977

dub in a box

buried in the dub

"It's a perfect rhythm. You can put anything over 
it and mix it in so many different ways.”

Jah Wobble 

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD: GRAVEYARD from "Metal Box" 3 x 12" Virgin (METAL-1) (UK) 1979

psalm 87

dwelling in zion
With typography anticipating Suburban Press.

PRINCE FAR I: PSALM 87 from "Dwelling In Zion (Psalms) b/w Psalms" 7" 45 The Book Of Psalms (NONE) (JA) 1975 • "Psalms For Far I" LP Carib Gems (CGLP 1002) (JA/UK) 1975

ugly dub

1st 2nd 3rd GEN UPSETTERS: THE TACKRO from "Yakety Yak b/w Tackro" 7" 45 Upsetter (JA) • Yakety Yak b/w Tackio" 7" 45 Upsetter (US 324) (JA/UK) 1970

tracts of my tears

weeping dub


time the dub

all along the clocktower

Produced and arranged by Brad Osborne.
Mixed by Philip Smart.
Featuring Carlton Barrett on drums, Family Man Barrett on bass.
A Clocktower Production.
White Plains Road, Bronx, NYC.

CARLTON & FAMILY MAN BARRETT: ISTA EPISODE from "Macka Dub • Vol. 1" LP Clocktower • Alfred Abraham (CTLP 3995) (JA/US) 1980

Thursday, May 28, 2015

master mix

sharp axe dub
Recorded at Channel One. Mixed at King Tubby's.

“You had the Spanglers and the Skull. The Spanglers is like from Princess Street, downtown, and the Skull them is from Southside, Tel Aviv. Them and the Spanglers used to war. I remember when I was a kid, I’d watch them come a King Tubby’s dressed slick. Those guy know how to dress! White shirt and black pants with a little bowtie.”
KING TUBBY MEETS ROOTS RADICS: KNIFE & FORK DUBWISE from "Dangerous Dub" LP Copasetic (COP LP 5002) (JA/UK) 1981

mudies groove

it may sound silly

GLADSTONE ANDERSON & MUDIES ALL STARS: MUDIES GROOVE from "It May Sound Silly" LP Moodisc (H.M. 103) (JA) 1972

his majesty's secret service

sky juice di reign

KING TUBBY VS. PRINCE JAMMY: HIS MAJESTY from "His Majesty's Dub" LP Sky Juice (SJ 003) (JA) 1983

fatman directs

shiner dub

PRINCE JAMMY: JAMMYS A SHINE from "Fatman Presents Dub Contest" LP Star (PTLP1008) (JA/UK) 1979

just say who

The version featured appears on Heavenly's 2001 compilation, "Social Classics Volume 2 • Dread Meets Punk Rockers Downtown" - as selected by Don Letts - and carries an extended intro differing from Culture Press's 1999 issue, "The Killer • 1975-1977".  
     A version I heard purporting to be the original Prophets' pressing appears identical in arrangement to Bunny Lee's definitive production, but I am unable to vouch for its provenance. I digress. An outstanding DJ classic, however it tumbles your way.

strictly rockers

JAH STITCH: BLACK HARMONY KILLER from "Strictly Rockers b/w Version King Tubby's Special" 7" 45 Prophets (NONE) (JA) 1976 • "Black Harmony Killer b/w Natty on Top" 7" 45 Third World (TW 73) (JA/UK) 1977

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

atypical dub

adventures in dub

THE SLITS: ADVENTURES CLOSE TO HOME from "Cut" LP Island (ILPS 9573) (UK) 1979
THE SLITS: EARTHBEAT / WEDDING SONG (12.10.81) from "Peel Sessions" CD Strange Fruit (SFRSCD052) (UK) 1998

krayola in dub

rainiest dub

THE RAINCOATS: IN LOVE from "Fairytale In The Supermarket b/w In Love / Adventures Close To Home" 7" 45 Rough Trade (RT 013) (UK) 1979

drop dub

reigniest dub

KEITH HUDSON: IN THE RAIN (VERSION) from "In The Rain b/w In The Rain (Version)" 7" 45 Mafia (NONE) (JA) 1973

dromilly avenue dub

poor a di biggest crime dub
Aided and abetted by Scientist. 
PRINCE FAR I: POOR A DI BIGGEST CRIME from "In The House of Vocal & Dub" LP Graylan (LJLP 001) (JA/UK) 1995
KING TUBBY'S: TRIBULATION from "In The House of Vocal & Dub" LP Graylan (LJLP 001) (JA/UK) 1995

with guitar solo

limp trying dub
Originally issued on flexi with "Sniffin' Glue", October 1977.

ALTERNATIVE TV: LOVE LIES LIMP from "Life b/w Love Lies Limp" 7' 45 Deptford Fun City (DFC 05) (UK) 1978

misty i dub

break a glass dub
Engineered and produced by Ken Hamann, Pere Ubu.

PERE UBU: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY from "The Modern Dance" LP Blank (001) (US) 1978

jail house • version

revolutionary dub

Recorded at remixed at Channel One Recording Studio, 
29 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica. 
Produced by Jo Jo Hookim.
Engineered by Barnabas, Ernest Hookim. 

SLY AND THE REVOLUTIONARIES: JAIL HOUSE (VERSION) from "Channel One • Maxfield Avenue Breakdown Dubs and Instrumentals 1974-1979" CD Pressure Sounds (PSCD31) (JA/UK) 2001

the observer

niney's dub crown

SOUL SYNDICATE: NINEY'S DUB CROWN from "Niney The Observer Presents Soul Syndicate Dub Classics" LP Jamaican Recordings (JRLP022) (JA/UK) 2005

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

crucial dub

bunny is crucial
Recorded at Channel One.
Mixed by Anthony Graham, AKA Crucial Bunny.

CRUCIAL BUNNY: BUNNY IS CRUCIAL from "Fatman Presents Dub Contest" LP Star (PTLP1008) (JA/UK) 1979

dub rehousing

unruly dub 
the singularity that was not

JOY DIVISION: SHE'S LOST CONTROL from "Unknown Pleasures" LP Factory (FACT 10) (UK) 1979

spirit vs penny dreadful dub

jammys a no fool
Mixed by Prince Jammy. 
vlad dub the impala
Recorded at Beck Studios, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. 
Mastered at The Town House.
Engineered in the shadow of Jammy emaciated

PRINCE JAMMY: JAMMYS A NO FOOL from "Fatman Presents Dub Contest" LP Star (PTLP1008) (JA/UK) 1979
BAUHAUS: BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD from "Bela Lugosi's Dead" 12" 45 Small Wonder (TEENY 2) (UK) 1979

crooked crooked dub

sheep dip dub 

THE CLASH: SHEPHERD'S DELIGHT from "Sandinista!" 3 x LP CBS (FSLN 1) (UK) 1980

the mighty two ride again

no shame dub

THE MIGHTY TWO: I'M NOT ASHAMED VERSION from "I'm Not Ashamed b/w I'm Not Ashamed Version" 7" 45 VP • Joe Gibbs Record Globe  (VP 5005-4) (JA/USA) 2012

Monday, May 25, 2015

heavy discipline

cry an i feel no pain

PRINCE FAR I: BLACKMAN LAND from "Blackman Land b/w Version" 7" 45 Cry Tuff  (NONE) (JA) 1976

the mighty two

dub etiquette
Arranged and produced by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson. 

PRINCE FAR I: HEAVY MANNERS from "Heavy Manners b/w Heavy Discipline" 7" 45 Joe Gibbs Record Globe  (NONE) • Heavy Duty (NONE) (JA) 1976

well charge

packin' the blunt dub  
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim.
Engineered by Ernest Hoo Kim & Ossie Hibbert at Channel One.

DILLINGER: PLANTATION HEIGHT from "Plantation Height b/w Version" 7" 45 Well Charge (NONE) (JA) 1975


your cool operator
Written and produced by Bunny "Striker" Lee

DELROY WILSON: COOL OPERATOR from "Cool Operator b/w I'm Yours" 7" 45 Jackpot (NONE) (JA) 1971