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visitor be advised.

Some of the content up here may not be suitable for children.

Cats. Dogs. Tightrope walkers of a nervous disposition.

SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS evolved out of a love for music. And writing. By way of an older brother sometime in New York City. The other side of the Autistic.

This site now is mostly about writing. The pumps don't work since the Feds purloined the handles.

"...The sounds pour in until our apartment resembles a small factory. Hammers rising and raining down. Bald rubber tyres throwing up a surf...

And the trains. Always the trains. Harassing late into the night. The bastard son of Ernest Borgnine, rattling chains."

- thursday, july 1, 2010

Oh. And one more thing. I would like to caution - brag - that everything that is posted here is spontaneous. And goes unedited. That is not the case: a word here, a phrase there; by the nature of the revolution in digital publishing, its immediacy, sometimes the temptation is just too much.

Purists, take note.

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