Thursday, August 26, 2010

a sanitary riot

On threading our rented trolley
between the aisles of a supermarket,

we acquired a bottle of bath oil.

As one does.

"Revive & Restore", the label advises.
Very calming. Very restive.
When one is prone, susceptible.

It prompts the smoke detector to howl
everytime we pour a bath.
It triggers a bout of anxious scrabbling.

The effect is less than therapeutic.

Sandalwood, surely, is quite innocuous,
a dash or two of an essential tear.

The pepper spray is an alarming twist.


ib said...

Should anybody have experienced something similar while experimenting with sandalwood & black pepper, I am mildly curious.

@eloh said...

How odd...

I do so love sandalwood... smells of my hippie days...

I'm not sure but that I wouldn't keep this little oddity a secret... think of those annoying gift giving ideas...

some nice bath oil...

ib said...

It is perplexing. I like sandalwood too. Smouldering incense I could understand.

The addition of "black pepper" on the label - in much smaller print - seemed harmless enough. Uncapping it though, I have noticed it smells suspiciously like a bottle of smoke.

Löst Jimmy said...

It'll be secretly laced with brimstone, watch that your not pouring it out backwards...

ib said...

It has been a bit like the sorcerer's apprentice round here, admittedly. Third rate alchemy.

I am forced to confess that after further investigation it would seem the black pepper is not to blame.

Just hot air and steam.

I am quite disappointed.

Löst Jimmy said...

That'll be smokey sandalwood then?
Black Pepper is a nice touch if somewhat risky to exposed skin etc etc

ib said...

Well. The thing is.

I had the smoke detector replaced less than six months ago. It only started behaving oddly after this concoction was procured. Plain old bathwater, it now seems, is enough to trigger an air raid warning.

Never had that problem before.