Sunday, December 26, 2010

no reasön

Recorded in Escape Studios, Kent, 1977; produced by Speedy "Thunderclap" Keen(e).

Written by Ian Kilminster.

MOTÖRHEAD: MOTÖRHEAD from "Motörhead" LP (Chiswick) 1977 (UK)


Holly said...

"It's like a pair of eyes. You're looking at the umlaut, and it's looking at you." - David St. Hubbins

Hölly :-)

ib said...


(that was qwick)

Brushback said...

Ha ha. I remember when I first found out that this was a Hawkwind song, and that's when I finally decided to give Hawkwind a try.

Before that I was under the impression that they were some kind of hippy "Dark Side of The Moon" type band.

Anonymous said...

Merry music being played before slaughtering the goat in the ritual to honor the new born.
Hawkwind: hippy band? Most likely - but some awesome power they had. Saw them live in mid 70s, with Stacia the dancer. First time I was attacked by strobe lights - totally convinced it was a vicious plan to make us all go blind! And I had yet not discovered any mind-bending chemicals……
What about sleep these days Ib, the new born, keeping you up?

ib said...

Hawkwind were rather good. Overrated by just a few, underrated by the many. Not so close to my heart as Daevid Allen or Gong, honestly, but interesting travelling in parts.

In place of the biblical goat we celebrated with a turkey. A crown. The smell of it cooking was mouthwatering, the cost of it brought a tear to the eye.

I was back in the supermarket by Boxing Day. The aisles were still groaning with unpurchased fowl; only a couple of days just left on the use by date and the price still holding. What becomes of all those throttled birds ? The wastage must be on an epic scale.

"Tell me, do you know if
they sold the prize Turkey that was hanging in the window?" Ebeneza might have asked. Well, I doubt it, frankly. It's rotting on the hook. No sale, no return.

The sleep deprivation slowly gathers momentum, unravelling hitherto unexplored degrees of tetchiness. I am not as young as I was first time around - no spring chicken even then - and it is a job to keep my cantankerousness on the leash. Naturally, I do my best to share nights on shiftwork, but breast feeding is on the menu and Rosa holds all the cards.

I rouse myself to do the occasional nappy change, or wind him, and fall back like some antique version of our newborn son. Open mouth spilling on the sheets.

"How are we doing ?" I breezily enquire on awakening. I am greeted with silence and gurgling; a mild minarrowing of the eyes.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My favourite Christmas carol ever.

ib said...

Actually. I was not aware that Stacia celebrates her birthday on the 26th. Capricious happenstance.

The picture, Pablo's "Danseurs", was executed on the 17th November 1959. According to the signature. The man was a dab hand with a dipped brush.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly and ah-hum, ib, ta for comment. Any Lemmy maniacs out there? Just ask in the comments ta any of these:

PS: Let's be clear the live '75 is shite whatever any valiant fan makes of it, but the UA '76 LP beats their first official hands down .. Pink Fairies rule!

And Lemmy and the Damned in the Doomed, anyone?

dee_seejay said...

Somehow I find that the early,lo-fi Motorhead is more menacing and heavy than any of the later stuff ;D

ib said...


Despite Speedy Keene's involvement, there's a feeling that everything is pinned together with elastic bands and a tangle of glue; where their later stuff races along like an oiled muscle machine.

I like that about it.

Dave Sez:

I was more an enthusiast of The Damned and Stiff Records through this period, admittedly. Which is how I first heard Motörhead. Of course, The Damned - sans Brian James - followed Lemmy and chums onto Ted Carroll's Chiswick presently, too. Probably got sick of being threatened with a baseball bat. If one believes Dave Robinson.

Doomed, Doomed, Doomed.

The thread through "Armenia in the Sky"; "Something in the Air" (über mod, Keene); Sam Gopal; Larry Wallis and The Fairies; Hawkwind; Dave Edmunds; Lucas Fox; Fritz Fryer; UA; Stiff and Chiswick is a tough one to follow.

"On Parole" winding up as the flip to Larry's "Police Car".

Which is just a way of agreeing that Pink Fairies rule.

dee_seejay said...

I got ya! Like the Fairies too,and the early Damned stuff.I loved that recent(ish) documentary on Stiff Records on BBC4 - enlightened me about the potential "menace" of Dave Robinson that you mentioned heheh.I've always had a soft spot for all things Stiff (pardon the pun).

ib said...

Yes. I watched the very same docudrama.

Hard to know for sure if Dave Robinson's Bill Sykes act was for real, or simply a bit of Dickensian codswallop. If it ain't Stiff, it ain't worth the menace with intent.

dee_seejay said...

Hwa hwa hwah praise Lucifer and a happy New Year to y'ALL x