Sunday, November 16, 2014


In deference to he who shall forever be dubbed the good doctor of double-jointed prose, I seriously toyed with the idea of shaving my head.

For the first time in years.

Fear and loathing - that I may emerge an ailing and elderly Syd, or more lightly, Uncle Fester's marginally younger sibling - ultimately stayed my hand on the BaByliss clippers. Even as the possibility sang in the wall socket and the razor's shield buzzed sinister like two barred cherries on hold.

As I remarked here on the bleachers previously, I have an aversion to gambling. It is not quite an all-out bugle cry from the stirrups of an old and creaking hobby horse, this disinclination to let my money ride, but in light of those other vices I have embraced or accumulated it is something of a small saving grace.

I am partial to berries. The common garden juice. I do not like fruit machines, the jangling in the slots.

The term "one armed bandit" seems hideously appropriate. Like a shrunken Mexican purse snatcher lying in wait in a dark lot in Vegas.

As a result I am cautious. The doctor would be far from proud.
So. Onto Telly Savalas. Lieutenant Theo Kojak, more specifically.

Successfully plucking Billy Goldenberg's memorable theme out the ether is itself something of a lottery, given that CBS-TV persistently meddled with the score's muscular signature arrangement. Not twice. Three times.

Crucially, it gambled on reception by inviting John Cacavas - a regular contributor of incidental music "on set" - to completely rewrite the show's opening credits for its fifth and final season, airing, five years after its inception, in 1978.

Alas. This Mancini arrangement - segueing here with the theme from "S.W.A.T." in an unedited medley - lack's the visceral dynamic of Goldenberg's original, but the rip itself is something of an audiophile's delight. A complete album of 70s cop show themes, remastered from vinyl, can be found here.


Tim said...

Before I shaved my pate, I was told I looked like Eddie Munster, so we might be cousins.

ib said...

Could be. For real.