Wednesday, January 28, 2015

pink as a freshly squeezed sunday

My dick,
summarily belittled
is not yet quite dead

it rests on cinders
mildly agitated

My tongue a slab of felt
surplus ounces
wound about
a sparking plug
sucking on my jelly bean.


Joe Henderson erects a monument on a blue note. Grant Green slowly climbs.

PETE LA ROCA:  LAZY AFTERNOON from "Basra" BlueNote (BST 84205) (US) 1965
GRANT GREEN:  LAZY AFTERNOON from "Street Funk & Jazz Grooves" Blue Note (BNZ 317) (US) 1967; 1993


ib said...

By some instrumental idiosyncrasy or another, it is an impenetrable mystery that La Roca's take predates Green's, yet that is seemingly fact.

Perhaps it is merely Henderson's assurance which ultimately lends the former a clarity so redolent of Miles - post "Spanish Sketches" - while Green surrenders a fragility which takes one backward and forward in the very same instant. I don't know. Never have 1965 and 7 seemed so at odds.

ib said...

Conjoined, like some sublime intro to Van Morrison's "Moondance".