Tuesday, December 20, 2016


A watchful neighbour might attest,
he is not one to shout
A watchful neighbour might
be hard of hearing

The whisper when it comes
bubbles on the lips, dribbles off the vest
before it has a chance to form,
evolve into a


A maroon snail backfiring
at the traffic stop
A splash
A mollusc sewn with the bends
An atheist grown secular
as a dung beetle at a donkey convention
An ass courting elephant ears

The shout that is stifled at the straw poll,
the bellow that rattles around the waterhole

The roar that is the exquisite fruit
of assembly lines given over to rust
between 3 and 4 AM.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Shout Out - Let's Wreck the Party!

ib said...

The protests, I see, over one candidate's unanticipated advantage at the hands of hacks grow more vocal by the instant.

Where does one begin. My lungs are full of the crunching of dry leaves under jackboots.

ib said...

What are the odds that they might just postpone Trump's inauguration. Move it from January 20th to April 1st ?


Would be nice, but of all the things Trump is, he is no fool. He is way too evil for foolishness.

We have proof of hacking by a foriegn power to influence the outcome of the election, all the lawsuits Trump has pending, & the fact that he refuses to divest himself of foriegn holding in direct violation of Federal law, yet the only thing possible is impeachment or a bullet. Impeachment requires a vote from the GOP stack Congress & a bullet only remove one head of the evil multi-headed serpent.

We know what the future holds is we are only honest with ourselves.

ib said...

Oh, I agree. Trump is no Rupert Pupkin. Despite that it was astounding to see ex CIA chiefs of staff on British TV literally grinning ear to ear at a question alluding to the mandatory suspension of his Twitter account. A bullet would prove unsatisfactory in the long haul, I suspect. Or sarin on the tip of a covertly wielded umbrella. From Russia with Love. Better some investigation into a legal removal from office.

Tim said...

Well. Look what we got now.
How are we going to top this in November of 2020.
Let it ride.
My neighbor is happy now because Bernie ain't sendin' no one around for HIS guns.
We still gotta watch that Hilary bitch though because she's sneaky.
And Bill?
Bill lurks about.
Me too.

ib said...

I like to lurk.

Just when they think you're dead, it is good to announce one's presence with a tactful cough.

And I am not good at dancing out of range.

Not these days.