Thursday, March 4, 2010

bleeding out. between the covers

damned damned damned. in an orange peel plastic wig.

Well. A promise is a promise.

This time last week, a bunch of reprobates gathered at the drop in clinic which is sometimes the comments section on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS. And got to bandying words on the subject of definitives, counterfeits, and perennially indulged placebos. Cover versions of good standing, in short.

A karaoke chorus of the weary and/or addled; inexplicably resuscitated under a ragged flag.

Snowballing - literally - out the fists of an exuberant Warden, a few choice calls promptly escalated into a free-for-all. A gaggle of voices joining the fray. Only one of them still anonymous.

And so it was, finally, Nazz Nomad who hurled down the gauntlet: his proposal that the bretheren engage in a loose cooperative, a transatlantic puddling of resources to nominate some kind of "top ten". Now. I am not even nominally drawn to numbers. I have a deep aversion to all things arithmetical. And. I refuse to participate in the disordered spectacle of a beauty pageant. Anyway. What might be 'No. 1' in my personal hit parade today, will almost certainly slip down the charts by tomorrow.

Besides. Who would wish to loiter even close to 'No. 10' ? Gordon Brown, maybe. And that just proves my point.

The faintest trace of claret and everything knee deep in the red.

Still. I did sign consent. It was only on reading the small print that it occurred to me that I'd been 'duped'. All these f@ckin' rules.

And who's to say Nazz might not just be yankin' my chain ?

That's the thing about operating on European Time. The onus, by default, requires the 'old world' proceed first into battle. Caution to the wind. Arses to the Channel. The Americans turn up on the beaches only at the last.

Sergeant Bilko to our Corporal Clegg. Pulling on Cuban cigars. Parading in bespoke uniform just as the krauts are getting pummelled on the eastern front.

Taken by the tradesman's entrance.

Actually. All this 'Dud's Army' sniping is merely a stalling device. I have no idea in the slightest where to go from here. The weight of those decent covers already provided is stifling.

I'm bleedin' out.

I thought I'd already screamed for help. It must've fallen on shellshocked ears.

THE DAMNED: HELP from "New Rose b/w Help!" 45 (Stiff) 1976 (UK)


Nazz Nomad said...

my brudder, I see your one and raise you to 4!

Anto said...

While your spiels are often offbeat Ib I am usually compleyely with you. But in this occasion, I am not sure if we're to take part in the game. However, I'll take it that your looking for us to chime in and I suggest the Grant Green cover of the James Brown jam 'Ain't it funky now'. A fuckin gem.

In other news I got some mail from a German bloke in work to-day regarding a some analysis of particles in product (you don't want to know). But one phrase which caught my attention was

'the particle looks respledent in absent minded light'. Now I doubt he intended the art and poetry here but surely the man deserves a mars bar.

ib said...

Never mind the Mars Bar. I'm tempted to award him a Soor Ploom.

Or a black Midget Gem. And those I covet with all of Gollum's oily charm.

Grant Green. There is a blast from the past. A hair on a 'G' string, even. I don't think I have "Ain't It Funky Now". I could be wrong.

I covered GG a long time back on Art Decade. Well. Not too long ago, in all honesty. A few years now at most. Chime in, of course. That's what this blog is all about. If he can surpass the mighty Brown I would be surprised. Then again. Green has pulled it off before.

I am scratching my head, in all honesty. Wondering as to what your German correspondent alludes.

No doubt a certain isotope or so undeserving of 'product'. But nonetheless intriguing in his enthusiasm.


"Cry Baby"...Janis Joplin or Garnet Mimms???

anto said...

Since you sound interested, we in the pharma industry, contrary to popular urban mythicals, have to perform exhaustive investigation into the slightest potential blemish etc. Before there's a torrent of whathaveyahs, yes it is due to litigations and profit motive but anyway, thats what has to happen. so, in this case, a particle was found stuck to the wall of a vial of aneasthetic which we make. turns out, the particle was in the glass vial supplied to us and bypassed the inspections we do. anyway the protocol is to send these things off as complaints and...many blah, blahs later..i get this mail from Dr. Henkel von Wenkel (made up name - bit of lame cliche ridden token German slagging there but thats life) containing what i thought was hilarious directly from the German translated phrases such as this.
more, he goes on to tell me that 'while the annealling process can provide such notable and spectacular defectiveness, it is admirable that your purveyors of inspection conspired (?) to find this'.

I have to meet this man. If this boundless use of language is inspired by a dull evaluation of a minor quibble, imagine what he's like about the Grant Greens in his life.

i actually think the phrase 'respledent in absent minded light' would be a good blog title in all its lost line from Visions of Johanna glory.

I truely never thought i'd see the day i'd be sharing this waffle with folks but it goes to show.

Ain't it funky now is on Green Is Beautiful as i recall.

ib said...

Now. See. I have not heard Garnet Mimms, either.

Jimi or otherwise. Enchanter or not.

ib said...

Well. Intersting, Anto, that you berate yourself on translational cliche.

This, on a day, when I slip into Basil Fawltiness with regard to 'krauts' and an old, old war. On a day too, when more no doubt wholly innocent Germanic visitors defect from here in their droves.

So. This is where we fall.

Years ago, I was working with a bunch of people who landed a German based advertising account. This is wholly true. The MD, allegedly, was far from used to dealing with foreign nationalities.

In the middle of a boardroom meeting he hastily instructed a large breasted PA to intercept a call on speakerphone. He glanced down at a piece of correspondence handed him by said Brynhidr:

"Hello, Herr," he said. "How's it going ?"

I don't possess "Green is Beautiful". But. I live in a part of Glasgow where it is a foregone conclusion.


Did you chance upon my email(s) ?

Denier said...

How about just the best punk covers, b/c otherwise it's just too hard to narrow it down, init?

Police & Thieves -- Clash by way of Junior Murvin

My Way -- Sid by way of Frank by way of Paul Anka

No Fun -- Pistols by way of Pop

Gloria -- Patti on loan from Van and Them

Pressure Drop -- Clash by way of Toots, finest punk song of all time in my humble opinion

Satisfaction -- Devo by way of you know who, a great punk cover because its main raison d'etre was to annoy the old guard

Viva Las Vegas -- Dead Kennedys kill Elvis all over again

Tears of a Clown -- English beat

Slow Down -- The Jam speed up an oldie

Gimme Some Truth -- Generation X does Lennon

Pipeline -- from Johnny Thunders great solo album So Alone, perhaps the best version of rock music's best instrumental

Lola -- Raincoats cover Kinks gender bender

Do You Wanna Dance -- Ramones showing their roots

Streets of London -- Anti Nowhere League put the fuck back in folk

That's just what I got from scrolling thru my iTunes. Collect em all...

Nazz Nomad said...

I dunno if
No Fun
Tears of a Clown
and Satisfaction, great covers as they are; actually improve upon the originals. Thought Rotten certainly sounds like he's having a whole lot less fun than anyone, especially on the Winterland (last Pistols show) recording of No Fun.

Yeah Streets Of London- I missed that one- classic!

And, i spoze you can throw in alot of Dexy's Midnite Runners versions of the soul classics they covered, I though so many of em were originals when I first heard 'searching for the young soul rebels".

and The Clash doing "I Fought The Law"


I got the e-mails & replied (twice now). Let me know if you're not receiving me, over.

Löst Jimmy said...

I have been noticeably lacking in contributions here of late and for that I must apologise. A myriad of excuses are lined up but if written none will seem worthy in mitigation. I can see from a cursory run through recent Posts that I have missed much!

I hope all is well with you and there is some sense of spring temperatures down in the Big City?

I shall return soon, once I have got myself back on an even keel...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is a choice of covers I have yet to change in many decades now: Hendrix's Monterey Pop version of Like a Rolling Stone. It simmers like the sun above.

Best punk rock cover? Might go with the Vibrator's cover of Motorhead's Vibrator. It vibrates like an old motorcycle.

ib said...

I hate ANL's version of "Streets of London". Mind you, I always detested Ralph McTell's cloying slice of faux folk too.

Löst Jimmy:

Spring has sprung even as the metal fences go up around the next phase of demolition. We are to be spared, it seems. How generous.

Good to hear from you, amigo.


You are right on the money with Jimi's "shimmering" take on Dylan. I laughed out loud when The Stones opted to eventually roll with it.

I was always fond of the Vibrators' "Whips & Furs" for some reason. Not a cover, I know - even in the loosest sense - and quite possibly not even Punk Rock. Who cares, though. It tickles while it chafes.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When somebody finally produces a movie about Roman Polanski it would be lovely if the soundtrack has room for "Whips and Furs." I know just when I would insert in the film.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

One other thing: besides "Help!" and the Banshee's spine tingling run at "Helter Skelter", what other punk rock covers of the Beatles are out there worth a listen?


Metal not punk, but there's always Butchering the Beatles(2006) for a few good laughs.

ib said...

Ha. The Polanski thing. I am only guessing, of course, but I think I get the picture.

Punk almost uniformly steered cler of the Fab 4. now you mention it. The Mop Tops at least.

Me, I'd have covered "Get Back" from the blue period. Or was it the red ?

The Damned, again, might have made a pretty decent stab at it. Complete with sick buckets. As it is we shall have to make do with The Residents.


I haven't checked out the "Butchering The Beatles" comp. I recognise a few - if not many - of the names there, though; Lemmy amongst them.


Sorry I'm so slow on the uptake here. You said you hadn't heard Garnet Mimms or checked out that Butchering the Beatles & I didn't even think to supply the links. Sorry about that. Shirking my responsibility as link provider.