Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cities of god

Originally issued on Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser's imprint, Kosmische Kuriere, under license to parent label, Ohr and marketed in Italy as PDU.

Kosmische Kuriere
- a vehicle, primarily, for Polol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel - financed sixteen releases between 1973 and 1975, and a reissue of Fricke's soundtrack to Herzog's "Aguirre" in 1982.

Popol Vuh derives from the corpus text - Book of Community - originating in Guatemela: a Mayan narrative, its central themes cover the creation myth to cosmology and genealogy, prior to the Spanish conquest. Documented by the Dominican priest, Francisco Ximénez (born in 1666) some years after his arrival in the New World in 1688, all modern editions stem solely from those 18th century transcripts, "mostly written in parallel Quiché and Spanish".

There is no definitive book of counsel.

From "Beatitude", a Florian Fricke composition with guitar by Conny Veit.

Conny Veit: guitar;
Daniel Fichelscher: guitar, drums, congas;
Robert Eliscu: oboe;
Florian Fricke: piano; keyboards (Cembalo);
Klaus Wiese: tambura.
Recorded at Baumburg (Altenmarkt) & Stommeln (Cologne).
Produced by Popol Vuh and Reinhart Langowski.

POPOL VUH: TANZ DER CHASSIDIM from "Seligpreisung" LP (Kosmische Kuriere) 1973 (Germany)

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