Tuesday, June 15, 2010

making marx | in the ghost room

Some three years after Harrison Speck convened a party of one in his bedroom in Austin, Texas, One Hundred Flowers are decorating The Ghost Room with frail blooms.

The product of seven songs, "Some Summer Falls" - the EP - germinated into something necessarily more resistant. Speck calculated he required assistance if he was to adapt his material to withstand the hydroponics of live performance. Buoyed through association with Austin artists' collective, Stem & Leaf, the resulting group threw itself into reshaping the sound to suit a revolving circuit of warmly received appearances. From Fort Worth to Denton. Houston to San Antone.

From little shoots acorns do grow.

In close to two years, One Hundred Flowers never once threw down the opportunity to play. That perseverance in promoting community harvests its own reward.

Their music has been described as "complex, weird, and beautiful". Jangling, but seldom slight.

The following song is one of three released ahead of their debut LP, "Mechanical Bride"; recorded at Cacophony Recorders and engineered by Erik Wofford. Veteran producer of The Black Angels; Voxtrot; and Okkervil River.

It might be short notice, but if you're in the area, One Hundred Flowers will be shredding silence in The Ghost Room this Saturday, June 19th, ably abetted by Holywood Gossip and Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves.

ONE HUNDRED FLOWERS: MAKE MARX from "Mechanical Bride" LP + CD (Stem & Leaf) 2010 (US)


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