Saturday, January 8, 2011

all out to fink, inc.

La Fleur De Barbe" is not among those eight recordings of Dubuffet's reissued by İlhan Mimaroğlu on "Musical Experiences" (Finnadar SR 9002). Certainly, it hails from those original pieces recorded by Dubuffet - in collaboration with Danish painter and ally, Asger Jorn - between December, 1960 and March, 1961; twenty issued on six 10" LPs, with perhaps eleven additional pieces on a farther four 10" vinyls, each in a limited pressing of 50 copies individually numbered and signed by the artist. 

"The first tape produced in these circumstances is rather unusual as it is a poem, La fleur de barbe, which is declaimed, chanted and vaguely sung by several voices mixed together (which are all in fact mine) with occasional instrumental accompaniment."


JEAN DUBUFFET: LA FLEUR DE BARBE from "Experiences Musicales" 6 x 10" LP (Unknown Label) 1961 (France / Italy)


Greg Condon said...

crazy music. awesome art. thanks for posting!

ib said...

Dubuffet is on the famous Nurse With Wound list. I hadn't heard his stuff previously. It's fitting that it was your own art which prompted me to dig out some background on the Mingus posted; that Mimaroglu's own experimental compositions were themselves kick-started by a Dubuffet ink jag.

Great week over on AD, Greg. I particular liked the Lennon/Ono in NYC; the accuracy of Yoko's body language almost made me laugh. Out loud.

Very cool.