Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iggy mcgonagall. invested

I once owned a denim waistcoat.

Blue, running thru
Petrol, a real cheap shit affair.

My balls had not dropped,
which was probably just as swell,

The pockets were fake
as silicon valley runarounds,
No place to put 'em
in a pinch
Or file them away like insurance

I mention this in passing,
Kidney Stones as ripe as melons,
Tobacco Talons on
Naugahyde, Eggs over Topaz -

Blah fuckin' Blah

- And all the while this irascible

This is why I may campaign for
In elevator shoes, smelly lifts,
The notion of socks.

This is why

I play long odds, even stevens,
though I am far from a betting man.

I once owned a denim waistcoat.

ALICE COOPER (A DETROIT COTERIE): I'M EIGHTEEN from "Love It To Death" LP (Straight) 1971 (US)


Your driver said...

I turned 18 the year this song came out. I got out of high school the year "Schools Out" came out. I took those songs very personally.

So, I heard from @eloh. She is alive but in very poor health. I told her you'd been asking after her. She sends her love. Email me and I'll send you her address. She wants to see baby pictures.

ib said...

You bet.

I signed out, then back in the minute I read this, Jon.

Will take me a bit longer to compose an email. Tomorrow. Milo has passed out after a surfeit of picking daisies in the park. Rolling about on the grass: gurgling, gasping, and the occasional howl of protest.

We have baby pictures. Plenty. And never enough.

I am so glad to hear @eloh is in the land of the living. My god. This is good news; not the greatest, considering the rider, but close.

Löst Jimmy said...

Milo not trying to eat the daisies I hope? Enya's got the daisies in her gob quick as a flash if she could get away with it.

Have a good weekend bro

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