Tuesday, September 6, 2011

jock's away, in a manner of speaking

Oscar Wilde Brendan Behan Sean O'Casey George Bernard Shaw Samuel Beckett Eugene O'Neill Edna O'Brien Lawrence Stern Sean Kavanaugh Sean McCann Benedict Keilly Jimmy Hiney Frank O'Connor Catherine Rhine Russell Hoban Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Robert Stone...

Recorded by Ian Sommerville.

From a lecture given by WSB at
the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics,
Naropa Institute, April 20, 1976,
and Brion Gysin's Permutational Tape fragment,
BBC Studios, London, 1960.

Sans Big Jimmy Paterson on trombone.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: ORIGIN AND THEORY OF THE TAPE CUT-UPS from "Break Through in a Grey Room " CD (Sub Rosa) 1994 (US/UK)
BRION GYSIN: RECALLING ALL ACTIVE AGENTS from "Break Through in a Grey Room " CD (Sub Rosa) 1994 (US/UK)


ib said...

While there is much to be hesistantly embraced in the 'Updated Blogger Interface' - a minimalism and clarity, not least - I wonder if I am alone in finding publishing direct from it a bitch ? It is inconsistent. A tad hormonal.

Editing in it, after the event, is about as much fun as courting a slap in the face. Entire paragraphs expurgated on a whim; lost in the ether while sabatier knives whistle past one's ear.

Oh. And say what you like with regard to Kevin Rowland's cynical repackaging of Northern Soul. Or not.

There is great joy in those horns.

@eloh said...

I am clinging to the old blogger with what I fear is an ever "bloodier" grip.

Word verification "dieryah" an omen?

ib said...

Yeah. The thing is, there are elements which appeal in all three variations: the Old Blogger; Blogger in Draft, and now this "Updated Blogger Interface."

I mean, I'm certain many of those issues I run into can be 'written off' as my failure to get to grips with their numerous tutorials and 'How To's. Those double line breaks which arrived with Blogger In Draft were infuriating. The point size of text was altered significantly, too, but not enough to give the user complete control. Plenty of other frustrations. Not least, occasional Time Stamp irregularities.

Anyway, I gave this new interface a shot. It seemed at first to offer an intuitive solution in 'Compose' mode, but proved quite unstable.

I was makig a regular pig's ear out of this particular post as it was, but few of my edits seem to 'stick' at the point of publishing. I had to jump back to Draft before my brain fell out my nose.

"dieryah" ? Explosive, maybe.

ib said...

For anyone with a passing interest in the disappearance of 'Burn It Down' - otherwise known as 'Dance Stance' - you will recall this re-recording referenced channel hopping in its intro. Some far from random 'radio' samples.

It seemed quite fitting to see the sum of it overwritten by Gysin's Permutational experiment in sound collage.

Everything is in transition.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for Burrough's voice. I can only pinpoint my whereabouts at the deaths of three famous people: Elvis and Groucho in London; Burroughs high in the Canadian wilderness.