Tuesday, January 16, 2018

EXCLUSIVE • mon uncle | poems r us

Brothers and sisters. Siblings all. As promised earlier, SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS is pleased to present the first instalment in a series of esoteric readings culled from these very pages and brought to life by the magic of an ailing ethos digitalis. Ably backed by Gus Ghost, this first reading is dedicated to the legacy of Joe Meek. In addition, I would also like to thank brother jonder for his abiding curiosity and politeness in the face of rude dereliction. For those of you of a fragile disposition, a subtitled text can be located here. Thank you.

SIBLING IB with THE GHOST MEN: MON UNCLE | LATE NIGHT #2 from "Bleachers In Dub" CD IB (IBCD 001) (UK) 2018



Thank you so much. The Scotch was flowing heavily yet I had nary a drop to drink, yet the burn of it going down warmed me through & through. The Ghosts have long haunted me but never before as hauntingly jaunty.

Please keep it coming. I believe I must ibibe more.

jonder said...

My curiosity rewarded! Nicely done. More in this series will be most welcome.

ib said...

Thank you, both. I am still grappling with the recording application. The results sound a little like they were laid down in the garage. So be it, and not for the first time, though my voice sounds terribly decrepit. Old. There will certainly be more in this vein upcoming.

Best to get it done while the teeth are still in.

jonder said...

Nothing wrong with garage jazz poetry. Your voice sounds like it has been slowed down a bit, but your words have bite!

ib said...

Cheers. Just me that has slowed down, sadly. The cogs and wheels that drive the voice are definitely rusty. Listening to it again I can hear myself snoring here and there like a corpulent Orson Welles. If I was more adept with a mixer, I might iron out the creases.

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