Wednesday, January 10, 2018

kollaps #1


If you listen hard enough you will hear
            the music
it is there in the punctuation:
            the comma, the semi-colon;
most of all it lives, hides, in the full stop
A rosebud unfurling
            runaway cargo in a primed syringe
elastic delay at the junction
            between clenched fist and elbow
A moment of clarity
            where once there lurked cloud
a prelude to a rude excision
            the post-mortem of a kiss
If you listen close enough you will hear


Tim said...

I could not continue on this ride without music. I would have to just go. I hope you are well Ian. I finally got my own computer. Just for my raggedy assed thrills. See, now I can write unhindered by the hoots and gasps of any other being. It's mine all mine . I got some ideas and lots of new misadventures to scribe up on and I think I will ressurect Poop in the Pipes. All my old stuff is still there. I'll be god damned. Is Trump the president golfing in Scotland? Golf in the kINGDOM. Can you fucking believe it?

ib said...

Tim! It's seriously good to hear from you. I'm glad to hear you sound so well and on top of things, man.

Cool that you now have your own work station.

It's no walk in the park to write with eyes contantly peering over your shoulder, I know. My offspring have grown so used to watching me stabbing at the keys that they now seldom bother to oversee the ritual of it.

I will be checking in on Poop in the Pipes.

Did you hear the one about Trump and the exploding golf ball ?

Tim said...
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