Wednesday, December 25, 2019

punishment exercise, weblog version

Hello. I am still breathing, if you wondered at this latest absence.

I needed to step back from the bleachers awhile to let the game play out. It has not been pretty for the most part.

On and off the bleachers.

I will say nothing else.

One of my biggest regrets with the shit up here is my tendency to tie myself in knots. Over and over again.

In hindsight, it is a curiously belittling experience. Like watching your child run around in public in clothes at least two sizes too big for him. Her. Or one size too small.

That’s it. That’s it said, done.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of scribbling off the bleachers. I am currently thrashing it, sometimes coaxing it, into some kind of a cohesive totality.

And that of course necessitates a whole lot of editing. It is bad enough peering over my own shoulder. I kind of went back into hiding.

I may post something just to be polite in the near future. I have not yet decided. If you hear nothing more for awhile do not trouble yourself to worry. I am on a hiatus, is all that it amounts to.

Albeit quite a lengthy one.



So great to hear from a living Ghost.

I will say no more than I miss you.

& I to have become hiatic.


Too not to...also

ib said...

Happy New Year, brØther.

I noticed you had been quiet far, far longer than is usual. I hope circumstances are treating you well. Sometimes it is better to step back for a while and just... chill.

Drop me a line if you are up to it. I have a load of good tuneage to share that I have amassed over the last while which might be of interest to you. Was thinking again recently of that J.J. Mundis short in the Panther anthology. I still have no idea how you immediately sprung to what I was babbling about that Sunday morning.

Connie Conlan said...

hey there

Planejamento Estratégico said...


Tim said...

Hey man, I don't know if you got my last communique, Its all fixed figured out and it's safe. I wrote something today and posted it. Norton says I am and always have been ok at blogspot. Take it easy man, hope we get to correspond soon.