Thursday, October 8, 2009

sliding windows and moonbeams

Taking up the slack from a recent post by Sheridan Dupre III, stepping off sun dappled kerb into twilight, here is a positively chilled vibe lingering in the shadow.

Because less is more, and I've been feeling a mite agitated of late. Spiky.

Lonnie Liston Smith: keyboards;
Donald Smith: flute;
Cecil McBee: bass;
Lawrence Killian: percussion, congas;
Art Gore: drums;
Michael Carvin: percussion;
Leopoldo: percussion;
Don Hubbard: soprano saxophone.

Produced by Bob Thiele and Lonnie Liston Smith.

photograph by charles harbutt.

LONNIE LISTON SMITH & THE COSMIC ECHOES: SHADOWS from "Expansions" LP (Flying Dutchman) 1975 (US)


I Spy said...

Hey Sibling, great blog, thanks for all the great vibes, superb Lonnie Liston track, have not heard this since Danny Bukem ripped it off all those years ago.


I Spy

ib said...

Thank you, I Spy. Is that LTJ Bukem you are referring to ? Thanks for the tip...

Which is the track in question ? I am nosy, and I am not at all sure I know it.

I Spy said...

Hey ib, right era but wrong artist sorry, it was Roni Size 'It's a Jazz Thing' although all LTJ's work is heavily influenced by this record.

Thanks again, have a good weekend