Tuesday, June 28, 2011

forecast remains unsubstantiated

Farther calibrating The Fall's stammering decline into the jaws of August. The last gasp of summer, before it has properly commenced.

Paper Cut by Hans Christian Andersen. Uncovered here.

THE FALL: WEATHER REPORT 2 from "Your Future Our Clutter" CD + LP (Domino Records) 2010 (UK)



I still think The Fall suck.
I'm just sayin'


The Hans Christian Andersen paper cut, however, are awesome.

ib said...

The Andersen snippets blew me away, too. First time I've ever seen 'em.

Well. I won't refute that The Fall are an acquired taste. I just have never understood why quite so many otherwise receptive hosts carry a resistant gene.

Have you heard 1990's 'Extricate' ? Produced, I believe, by Adrian Sherwood. Co-produced, at the very least. The song of the same name penned by him too, maybe.

The expanded remaster is the only sensible place to begin. If you are interested, I will upload it for you. It's something of a landmark Smith & Sons release.

'The Fall Still Suck' would make for an excellent LP title.

ib said...


" I still think The Fall suck.
I'm just sayin'... " is better.

Why fuck with the original insight ?

Holly said...

I am interested in the expanded Extricate :-)

And those paper cuts by HCA are amazing! I had no idea. Wow.

ib said...

Holly. The expanded releases of 'Extricate' through 'Shift-Work, 'Code Selfish' and 'Infotainment Scan' offer up many related gems which quickly fell out of print. 45 versions and sessions.

Email me for more infotainment.