Thursday, June 2, 2011

index SIN CD 9

Albrecht Dürer ices
Huffs of breath.
Bandanas shiver,
Pimple at 2:00 AM.

Between the kitchen and
this porch,
Refrigerator motors idle.

'The Knight, The Devil and Death'
Written and produced by
Craig Leon; Mark E. Smith; Simon Rogers.

Note: the version subsequently compiled on 'Sinister Waltz' is the
truncated backing track, shorn of Brix Smith's utterances.

Far from airless claustrophia, there is a sense of travel throughout,
or the urge to; astral projection and vending machines.
Electric fans whispering. Ceramic tiles. A long corridor. Clocks.

THE FALL: THE KNIGHT, THE DEVIL AND DEATH from "Ed's Babe" EP (Cog Sinister) 1992 (UK)


Holly said...

Brilliant. Seriously.

ib said...

This period - '91-2/3, broadly - may well constitute some of the Fall's finest moments. 'Be churlish to confine oneself there, though.

See ? I was not joking when I confessed to stealing your bandana.

Holly said...

So... I have the plain ole lps from this period, what other ep, 7in, or otherwise random songs from the era do you suggest?

For that matter, a list of your favorite Fall songs throughout time would be a wonderful & frightening treat.

ib said...

"Industrial Estate" was the initial barb.

A Glamis Racket teased out by Matthew Hopkins in thrall of the late lamented, Michael Reeves.