Friday, June 24, 2011

jazz domino

Three Corners #1:
Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice

Authentic Deep Pan #2:
Miles Davis

JERRY GARCIA, DAVID GRISMAN, TONY RICE: SHADY JAM from "The Pizza Tapes" CD (Acoustic Disc) 2000 (US)
JERRY GARCIA, DAVID GRISMAN, TONY RICE: SO WHAT from "The Pizza Tapes" CD (Acoustic Disc) 2000 (US)


Mike said...

Such a great release... thanks for reminding me.

ib said...

Mike! Really good to hear from you...

Yes. The wedge of Gershwin, as featured originally on Art Decade, was the appertiser. 'The Pizza Tapes' might otherwise be lost in transit (to me), still; somewhere between the glove compartment, the resulting confiscated crate of bootlegs, and Grisman's dusting off the master reel.

The question remains. Was the cassette filched ? Or was Jerry Garcia merely excessively generous with the tip ?

Whatever the truth, the mastering on this (official) release - seven years after the event - serves the moment accordingly.

Liam said...

I know I'm late to the conversation, but...

Further to the long and strange journey of the Pizza Tapes; there's a digital "box set" now with all the out takes:,4776/Jerry-Garcia,-David-Grisman---Tony-Rice-mp3-flac-download-The-Complete-Pizza-Tapes.html