Friday, September 19, 2014

no uk' in ukelele

And so, it was fear.

Of the unknown. Rebuke. Siblings. A hesitancy to wander too far outwith the chalked silence, in the end.

Of smudging perameters and upsetting tarts.

There was a coffee stain on my polling card. It reminded me of home. Even as I stepped in to the booth, I knew it must end badly.

I put my cross in the box and waited for someone to shout, no.

Performed by Cayce Lindner, Glenn Donaldson, Shayde Sartin.

FLYING CANYON: DOWN TO SUMMER from "Flying Canyon" LP [Soft Abuse (SAB016)] 2006 (US)


Anonymous said...

Freedom is such a double edged sword.
A fine cut between well or ill
Utopian or Hellion
But damn us if we don't have it.

Anonymous said...

Also, that music is great. I'm going to post up that & Golden Hotel's Silver Wilderness over at my blog.
RIP Cayce Lindner

ib said...

The Flying Canon was the first thing I listened to after the "No" vote was returned in the early hours of the morning. Its melancholy and faint Scottish lilt felt appropriate.

RIP, Cayce Lindner. And RIP the double edged sword of what may have been.

I should like to hear Silver Wilderness.

What's the name of your blog, Anonymous ? If I haven't already done so, I'll link, if I may. Providing I can remember how to navigate the confusion that is the Blogger interface. My brain is rusty and peppered with shot.

? & the Mysterian said...

Thanks for the offer but you have me linked already, just not under Anonymous. I posting up the Golden Hotel right now.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There is, however, a uk in sucker.

ib said...

Yes, there is.