Tuesday, October 14, 2014

infected mushroom

He possessed a hacking cough. The kind of cough which cuts one off at the middle. Empties one's chest through the mouth and nose in gales which starve one's brain of oxygen until the head lights up like an open refrigerator.

Strings of phlegm hanging in ropes like green nets off the side of a boat.

A barking cough, on the other hand, while by no means less startling to those in the pink, lends something of an imposing character to the invalid. A suggestion of stately decrepitude which elevates the offender above the pitiful. A booming sovereignty to cow disapproving stares, or worse, wanton sneers of disgust.

This, sadly, was not the case.

His particular condition, then, reduced him to the level of the untouchable. The sneaking pariah stopped in its tracks by bout after bout of cacophonous disability. A ringing of ears. A wringing of hands.

Mouths falling open. Aghast. Enraged.

Hither and thither he slunk, mortified, waiting to be casually beaten to death. Or arrested, at the very least. And beaten to a pulp he no doubt would have been, were it not for the very real potential for contagion. Infection leaping from host to host as a leprous spore.

And at his toilet he simply cowered, smote with the stench of latrines. Pricked like a balloon on the precipice.

Deflated. Burst. Anointed.

DR. STANISLAV GROF: WHY IS EVIL IN THE WORLD ? from "Instant Insanity Drugs Collective: The Trip Receptacles" KPFA | Berkley (US)
TERENCE MCKENNA'S RETRO TIME VIRUS • SASHA ON KETAMINE: YOU'VE GOT ESCHATOLOGICAL FEVER from "Instant Insanity Drugs Collective: The Trip Receptacles" KPFA | Berkley (US)


? said...

Great crazy sound collages from OTE. Living in the Bay Area I listened to much Over the Edge on KPFA in Berkeley many a late night. Don Joyce of Negativland being the host, the Negativlads were often on the show, but also WSB & Dr. Tim & Terence McKenna doing great grat things about drugs & UFOs & cattle mutilation & the Weather Underground. Thanks for these. It was kinda precarious slipping through the lungbutter to get here, but, aw, the rewards.

ib said...

Glad you enjoyed this, and thanks for the local colour, brøther ?.

This performs the job that radio broadcast was devised to. We have nothing close to it here, to the best of my knowledge, certainly nothing outwith the very occasional "niche" slot; and nothing quite so uniquely bent.

I stripped several edits off the web years ago, probably through a link from WFMU, and have listened to it periodically since.

Quite possibly some of the most medicinally efficacious shit I have come across.

Tim said...

Pretty grim shit Ian. Good to get it out. As your other commentor,I am a San Francisco Bay Area kpfa head. I do mean head. A wonderous time. I have not heard any mention of Don Joyce in what seems to me a long time.OTE.Yeah, that was radio at it's best. You have made my day. I am going to go find some of that online somewhere. Probably, I will leave out the acid. I got some mushrooms around here somewhere......

Tim said...

Hey Milo....got a guitar yet?

ib said...

Don't tempt me. I might just find myself reborn as some kind of Colonel Tom Parker. Or Tom Thumb.

ib said...

to tha Blues.