Wednesday, October 15, 2014

orange skies

Dr. E'weerd Yijji, allegedly, is a teacher of Asian Studies in South Carolina. Prior to this he lived in Bangladesh. Aside from studio collaborations with Mission of Burma and Volcano Suns, the good doctor has also forayed into occasional live performance with Sun City Girls.

This solo release, a vinyl issue on the One Tree imprint in 2007, was originally visited on the discerning listening public - a severely limited CDR run of 32 - through Feed and Seed Records one year previously.

ED YAZIJIAN: ORANGE SKY, BLACK CLOUDS from "Six Ways To Avoid the Evil Eye" One Tree (6WTATEE) (US) 2005/7
ED YAZIJIAN: ORANGE SKY (SLIGHT RETURN) from "Six Ways To Avoid the Evil Eye" One Tree (6WTATEE) (US) 2005/7


Tim said...

this felt like a walk through a nice neighborhood in a pretty country in a city where you thought you could have a nice time walking through town stopping and talking with people who just live there and it worked out when you risked it and went out.

ib said...

Maybe we're all living in the wrong country ? This seems like a preferable option to the possibility I dropped a bum trip somewhere back then and lack the clarity to claw my way back out.

Glad you liked this, Tim.

Tim said...

If this planet cannot come to some equitable agreement between humans and their fucking crazy fucking cults it won't be long I fear. The bad trip started when we got shouted down as crazy idealistic spoiled know nothing punks for saying peace and love is where it's at.