Sunday, February 21, 2016

high plains drifter | in fear of the cloud

I am not good at networking. I am ambivalent as to the advantage of submitting to a higher rule of thumb.
     By higher, I mean the cloud. Tethered to terms and conditions.
     Some notional island autonomy closely monitored by government agencies. 
     This space on the bleachers is far from perfect. It sometimes lacks a discernible pulse.
     It is, nonetheless, where I lurk.
     Anyone too modest to expose themselves through commentary is perfectly at liberty to send me a private message.



The continually shrinking post.

ib said...

Absolutely. This is what happens when I allow myself to harness a bottle to the keyboard. I prattle on at length. I plumb the unnecessarily maudlin.

Pass me that machete.


I've found that most of my best output (of every ilk) has yielded well to the machete.