Friday, May 21, 2010

communiqué #27: more riz for your sunday spliff

illustration by Boris Artzybasheff: 25 May 1899 - 16 July 1965.

Somewhat tiring of this, quite frankly, I have these few words to impart:

DMCA ballbreakers and ambulance chasers; suck my F@CKIN' cock.

Suffer one more paragraph of mine to be deleted, and I'll toast you and your litter of rats. If you wish to see 'product' exist solely in a vacuum, so be it. Go peddle it to that blind and deaf duffer on the mountain.

If you are bent on breaking the proverbial butterly on a wheel, so be it once more. I will gladly spit right in your eye socket. Or pitch my tent on your lawn.

Rest assured. Your legal jurisdiction is a figment of your own bloated imagination; a rusty firmament where artists once starved and PR men drove shiny Oldsmobiles.

Or Vauxhall Astras with four bald tires.
Death's Heads on the doors.

One more thing. Blogger. You better get your act together. It is one thing to advise that you have reset a post to draft status; it is quite another to 'accidentally' delete it from a domain you have no proprietory claim to.

And please. Do not again forward me an email detailing a list of more than 40 affected URLs which pertain not one iota to this site. This is not China, and the adverse publicity does not reflect well on you.


Löst Jimmy said...

The Artzybasheff illustration is amazing!

As to the subject of the post; explain more as to this Blogger shennanigans please?

Wishing you a good weekend my dear fellow

ib said...

The Artzybasheff is astounding, agreed. I added a colour filter to it; not that it required any artificial lift. Oh. And It only occurred to me while I was posting it, just how much Boris seems to have informed R. Crumb.

The Blogger thing is just frustrating. You may be aware how the DMCA notices were flying thick and fast a year or so back. And the old arguments for and against. That led me into some communication with Larisa Mann at Berkley. She had direct discussions with Google at the time regarding the
jurisprudence of the wholesale deletion of individual blogger's original content in response to DMCA prompted threat of litigation.

The upshot was that Blogger altered its procedure to reset a potentially infringing post to draft status, allowing the party to remove contentious content and republish.

A significant improvement, given that Blogger's original course of action was itself legally questionable.

Now. Last week I received an email from Support citing 40+ contested URLs allegedly associated with my blog. In fact none of these URLs had anything to with this site; save for one which had already been brought to my attention and which was never subsequently republished. In short, a link to "this page does not exist".

Today I received notification of yet one more raised objection, with the aforementioned has "been reset to draft status". Except. It had in fact been deleted entirely. From a custom domain (which I own); this site having migrated from its original blogspot incarnation.

In fact. All content from day one is backed up remotely, so that if I wish I may republish despite deletion. Were Blogger to remove my site - as it has registered blogspots - there is no real obstacle to prevent me from simply republishing through an alternative Content Management System (WordPress, etc). Not unachievable, but a pain in the ass, certainly.

What sticks in my craw, however, is the aforementioned mistaken identity above all else. And on top of that, this latest - illegal - deletion.

Brushback said...

Yeah. The internet sucks. At least when I was publishing a 'zine way back when, I owned the paper it was written on.

ib said...

It's a bitch, all right.

As you - very eruditely - point out, at least they had to catch you first before they could make a bonfire out of one's words. Despite the benefits of digital publishing, and there are quite a few, they now have this sneaky unilateral capabilty for instantaneous combustion. No paper. No smoke. No fire.

Speaking of which, Nathan Nothin' got very badly burned recently for a spot of considered agitation.

For all my tough talk, the worst those DMCA armed nazis can do is make me move along the block a little. Regards my migration to a custom domain, the thing which prompted me to do so was the alleged recognition of ownership tranferring from Google to registered domain holder.

Even that now seems to be open to dispute.

@eloh said...

I'm a paper freak. I keep telling myself to print off the "important" posts of my blog.

I am amazed at this picture. I have to admit to being somewhat...ah hell.. I am disgusted by the Germans. I lived there for four plus years.. before that I was kind of neutral... considering my mother had German blood.

ib said...

Printing off the writing is a good idea. Making something tangible of one's toil. I did that too - with my poems, in the main - and it is wholly surprising how it distils into something permanent and quieter.

The same words but different. Maybe just reading it back divorced from the busyness of imagery and linking activity allows it to breathe a little.

I know from reading many of your fine posts that you were in Germany for a period. That you visited Auschwitz-Birkenau too.

Post 1945, Germany seemed to have taken great strides towards confronting its depravity.

Meanwhile, Stalin continued with his pogroms; Africa endured its cyclic ethnic cleansings; Mao enforced his Year Zero; Pol Pot was insulated by US policy; the Balkans explode in genocide.

Robert Mugabe sports a Hitler moustache and nobody connects the dots.

More and more I see the older generation of Germans presenting a case for their capitulation in events. The same excuses that were trotted out in defence at the Nuremberg Trials.

Boris Artzybasheff was a Ukranian born illustrator. Allegedly a White Russian who fled to New York in 1919. He served in the Psychological Warfare Branch for the US in WWII.

What I said about Crumb being influenced by Artzybasheff's work for Time ?

The same old swastika keeps right on truckin'.

Löst Jimmy said...

Thanks for the clarification ib. First off the same 'suits' who are behind such ridiculous protectionism are the very same who promote stealing indigenous knowledge to patent and copyright it for corporations. I recall a very good Scottish Socialist party political broadcast directed by Peter Mullen a number of years ago (before the SSP imploded impotently amidst the NoTW, internal bickering) which depicted that if the air we breath was capable of being commericialised we'd be paying for that too. Fuck 'em.

As for the heatwave, it has gone from sub-tundra to sub-tropical in less than a week here. Two things 1. I sweat like a navvy in July just walking to work and 2. the local party animals seem to be catalysed by the sun indulging in the back close fuelled by crates of Wife Beater to the soundtrack of the Chemical Brothers...

ib said...

Due to this heatwave, I was compelled to venture out and buy a pair of shorts. Long shorts. Near enough approaching normal cargo pants, but significantly cheaper. Oh. And a belt cointaining no nickel in the buckle.

I will no doubt get approximately three weeks wear out of those shirts through the entire year. The belt should last me longer.

Last night I watched Michael Morre's "Capitalism: A Love Story" for the first time. Very sobering.

Let's all unite in revolution.