Sunday, May 9, 2010

on your bike: tomorrow belongs to me

Joe Boyd - legendary returning officer and foreign envoy - cited Tomorrow's appearance at the UFO Club as being a singular defining moment in his commentary on the fractured 1960s, "White Bicycles".

In a rudimentary concession to proportional representation, perhaps, it was observed that Fairie defector, John Charles Alder duly kicked up a hallucinogenic storm. Never much an aspiring part of The In-Crowd, Alder subsequently dallied briefly with Bleachers stalwarts The Pretty Things before establishing a pact of sorts with some Deviants and one Steve Peregrin Took.

The result, "Think Pink", owes more than a little to the perverted spin Mick Farren exulted in playing a hand in as elected engineer and producer. A joint collaboration with Took - on which the latter escaped the tyranny of über fuhrer, Bolan - "Three Little Piggies" is my own all too transparent attempt to collude with The Saucer People in flipping the bird in the direction of our nation's recent flaccid election.

Not so much upright as dangling. A well hung slab of sleeveless porcine meat.

By the by. As of this month the gravy train that was DivShare on these pages stops rolling. End of. The reinstatement of posts affected will be subject to whim or direct appeal; the resut of self-imposed caps on public spending. 

This latest measure has has been a long time coming. I convened with my mirror in the bathroom and was persuaded, f@ck it; one less truffling snout to feed.

TWINK: THREE LITTLE PIGGIES from "Think Pink" LP (Sire) 1970 (UK)


@eloh said...

I hope you are not saying you are stopping your blog.

I have had to re-think spending around here... I could use a computer at our public library for one hour at a time for free.. but leaving home isn't always feezable.. a cheaper hookup, I'm not sure there is one.

ib said...

No. Nothing quite so drastic. Or petulant, even.

A lot of older, archived material is hosted on on a separative server. It is far too costly to keep that running in tandem so I am effectively axing that option. That's all.

The fact that it's still up and running at this point testifies more to oversight on my part than essential contigengy.

Jesus Christ. I am beginning to sound like a politician. Too much waffle and not enough woofer.