Sunday, August 3, 2014

part 1: out of a mouth, a dark crocus spills


The consensus - propagated, largely, by a small tribe of transplanted New Yorkers: Myers, up to his elbows in mimeographed scribblings, the purpled stain of off-set litho; Hell, not Rimbaud, to Miller's Verlaine - was that the contagion spread exponentially from an infected locus on the Bowery. Between 1974 and 6. The Gorbals and Stonehenge. Via the tortured point of a safety-pin.

Conveniently bent to expose a path between (a) and (b).

Circumventing (c).

Evidence - memory, binary and mutating - suggests otherwise. That the virus first sprang up among those vacant lots littering America's Midwest. Where it would not be contained.

At times an addled spider, nesting veined and fractured tumors; at others a bleak mushrooming nerve agent coalescing in cold blue flame. Licking out broken windows in downtown Cleveland. Igniting pockets screaming for change.

A tangle of words.

Jihadi. Pulchritude. Punk.

That its seeds may have been scattered by great squalls billowing up through the gulf. Ushered in from Kansas, the yellow brick threat of misdirected violence. Lying dormant. Awaiting excavation like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

2, 4, 5-T; 2, 4-D.

Leaking canisters of Rainbow Herbicide.

1000 genome clones transferred from acetate under 170 lbs per square inch of steam heated scrap iron. Its sum weight an exploratory craft set adrift, one hand pummeling on its rotten hull.

Waiting to catch a wind.

Well. Out of a mouth, a dark crocus emerges.



"The court granted bail and imposed the following conditions, namely, that the accused:

(aa) that breach of a condition imposed is an offence and renders the accused liable to arrest, prosecution and punishment under this act.

(g) that the accused does not approach or contact nor attempt to approach ____ ____ in any way.

(h) does not enter nor seek to enter _________ ____ or come within 100 yards of _________ ____. [sic]

Submission 1, Section 38 (1):

The fiscal submits that the accused did threaten, in a manner liable to cause distress and alarm to any reasonable person. 



Round & round it goes like the winds out of Tornado Alley. but someone always claims to be Patient Zero or typhoid Mary.

MC5 & Stooges not to be overlooked from burning Detroit City.

Used the ole 2,4,5-T on the plants at my grandfather's strawberry farm before they promoted him to Agent Orange & shipped him off to Viet Nam.

Then we switched to good ole Malathion...

In other news...

Here its called, of course, restraining America they love to restrain order, as if by legal proclamation chaos might be quelled.

ib said...

It's edifying to think that Strawberry Sundaes might have been marketed differently, was America only half aware.

In Europe, too. After the Great War of 1914-18, I'm given to understand, the Germans had amassed such vast amounts of deadly chemicals that the League of Nations was compelled to consider more palatable methods of disseminating those toxins.

jonder said...
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jonder said...

A crocus from CLE, under the spell of Jarry and Dada (not the perfumed poetry of Rimbaud or Verlaine that intoxicated Messrs. Meyers and Miller and their colleague Mlle. Smith). Meyers and Miller busted out of a posh boarding school somewhere south of the swamps of Jersey, lured by the forbidden apple, their footsteps followed by a few dead boys whose rocket crashed in Cleveland with that selfsame crocus at the helm.