Thursday, April 30, 2015


Seizing the bull
by the horns
smacks of molestation
me and mine
in the sawdust
the ring
nøstrils rusted
feints and salts
guacamole slants
a smell of greasepaint
moustaches postachio
the run



nøstrils rusted

Thank you, kind sir.

I always think of Ferdinand

Scrappy Birdlegs

ib said...

It's been a long, long time since I've seen that animation. Very cool.


It had been a long time since I had watched it as well, but when this post brought it to mind, I searched it out & watched it again. I loved it. The animation (some of the expressions the bullfighter makes!!!), the story, the punchline, & the music were all top-shelf. I had to pass it on to you, dear friend, one Taurus to another.

Segue to lighthouse / Jimmy Buffett reality...In Salty Piece Tully Mars' hunan's spirit (the ghost of Johnny Red Dust) tells Tully that contentment is for cows, not cowboys (Tully being in the process of transforming from Montana cowboy to Bahamanian lighthouse keeper).

Contentment has always been a big part of this bulls life.

ib said...

Re: "Contentment..."

Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Ramone666 said...

Please excuse my nitpicking Ib, but you really should change toreador into torero. Toreador is a French invention from Bizet's Carmen, and does not exist in Spanish. Cheers!

ib said...

No need to apologise, Wim.

Thanks for the pointer to authenticity. I may just keep "toreador" for now if you'll forgive me, but only because I like the flavour of spoiled tourism it introduces.

Ramone666 said...

I'll drink to that!


I've always savored the flavor of spoiled tourism myself. A heady brew.

Anonymous No. 2 said...

Torero - Toreador, as long as the poem sounds as good as it does, the artist may go wrong as long as he wants to....

signed: the anonymous Minotaur No. 2

"Straight from the shoulder
I think like a soldier
I know what's right and what's wrong
He knows what's right and what's wrong.

I'm the original discriminating buffalo man
And I'll do what's wrong as long as I can
He'll do what's wrong as long as he can"


ib said...

Thank you, ano. 2. Your quoting ISB gives me pause in a surfeit of dub. A labyrinth of my own making.