Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hell, there it is

inner sleeve of "hell", 1974.

Not the scratchy funk you might have good reason to expect hot on the coals of the Contortions. But itchy.

Arranged and produced by James Brown and David Matthews.  
Released on 7" ahead of the double LP, "There It Is".
Written by Manny Rosen; James Brown; David Matthews; Charles Bobbit.


Hell. On second thoughts, let's all cook it up a little.

Bonus a-side from '71 written by Fred Wesley and James Brown: "
She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants".

JAMES BROWN: KING HEROIN from "King Heroin b/w Theme From King Heroin" 45 (Polydor) 1972 (US)
JAMES BROWN: HOT PANTS (PART 1) from "Hot Pants (Part 1) b/w Hot Pants (Part 2 & 3)" 45 (People) 1971 (US)


Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

That inner sleeve in awesome, i'm going to find a copy and get that framed.
Always loved the end of Hot Pants, i can almost hear Leslie Crowther shouting "Fred Wesley! COME ON DOWN!!" its so kitsch, yet so damn funky.

ib said...

Cheers! The photograph is by Norman Hunter, and designed - I think - by Ted Pettus. Would look great framed, I agree.

Leslie Crowther... Nice!

Your driver said...

Damn, my copy of Hell didn't come with that cool inner sleeve.
WV is sapho, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, James Brown in his brief 'tache phase which made him look even more like my sister-in-law's former mother-in-law.

But, yeah, a very cool graphic, with my favourite colour (and, trivia fans, Frank Sinatra's) providing the background.

ib said...

For a brief interlude, I sported some dubious facial topiary of the same ilk. I fear it made me look faintly ridiculous.

I didn't know orange was Sinatra's favourite colour; thanks for the trivia. I like orange too. So much so, I went so far as to paint a couple of interior doors in that shade. I once had terracotta flavoured walls in the living room, but tired of it after one or two winters. It is now what the paint manufacturers describe as "Freshly Baked Sand". To my eyes it resembles moon rock with a very subdued undercurrent of old bubblegum.