Monday, March 16, 2009

the wrestler

I'm almost embarrassed to admit to it - though brazen enough in the final analysis - but I went to see Alan Parker's "Angel Heart" in the same theatre three days running in 1987. It was not the 'surprise' dénouement which had me coming back, really there was no surprise to be had, but it was one of those movies which inexplicably finds a willing ally behind the eyes where half dreams wrestle and break; where the ghosts of Jim Thompson and Steve Fisher adjourn to peek through shutters. Three fingers in a shot glass.

On all three occasions, I went in and came out on my own. A Travis Bickle moment without the same degree of attendant lunacy.

I have never been to New Orleans. I don't imagine to ever get there. But Parker's lazy lingering camera work leaves more of an imprint on the retina than a month's worth of reportage in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Some of you siblings may perhaps be a little startled by the decision to feature Courtney Pine, a saxophonist I invariably - and wholly absentmindedly - refer to much of the time, when citing this soundtrack, as Courtney Cox. I have no idea whether this is a subconscious insult or not.

Say hello to Epiphany Proudfoot in the rain. Lisa Bonet never looked so damn fine.

TREVOR JONES & COURTNEY PINE: BLOODMARE (DOG TAGS) from "Angel Heart (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Island) 1987 (UK)

TREVOR JONES & COURTNEY PINE: JOHNNY FAVOURITE from "Angel Heart (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Island) 1987 (UK)


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