Saturday, March 28, 2009


photograph by david l. segal.

Another Fred Wesley and James Brown collaboration. Featuring the JB's.

JAMES BROWN: BOSS from "Black Caesar (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Polydor) 1973 (US)


Löst Jimmy said...

Better than the usual pop mix some floor manager with taste was probably responsible for the complete James Brown greatest hits which was playing piped in across the Co-op store this morning while I was shopping for the essentials...and packing them in papa's semi-new bag

Have a good weekend ib

Brushback said...

Paid the cost to be The Boss. Yep.

ib said...

The Co-op near you sounds like a step up from our local Somerfield, Löst Jimmy, which retains all the quality of the QuickSave it once was. Never a hint of anything so gripping over their instore tannoy; they did, for a while, pipe out classical music at the entrance in a bid to disperse the usual congregation of junkies, however, who loiter there after picking up their methadone or whatever.

Speaking of antisocial behaviour, there was a double murder in the Rose Garden just adjacent to my flats this morning. They have sealed off the entire area with crime scene tape. Ironically, it is the best maintained pocket of shrubbery this side of the regeneration.

Hope you picked some decent wine or beer for the weekend. Have a good one.

ib said...

Good to know you like your dose of James Brown, Brushback. I find myself liking his shit more and more than I ever did when I was young. A somewhat embarrassing admission.


Synchronicity at work again. I just watched Black Caesar starring Fred Williamson on TV the other night, they've been showing a shitload of Blaxploitation. Black Caesar had such a great subtext (other than the obvious crime-doesn't-pay one) & I was totally loving the score.

Great, just great.

ib said...

I love those Blaxplotation flicks, but I've still to see Black Caesar. The soundtrack is fabulous. One of these days...

I was shopping earlier today and picked up a documentary on Miles Davis on DVD for around $5. I very nearly bought a two fer one of "City of God" and "City of Men", but bowed out. I have seen "City of God" on a couple of occasions. An excellent film, but quite harrowing.

Löst Jimmy said...

I read about the Glasgow murder on the BBC this morning.

As for the local Co-op the Brown compilation was a welcome change, ordinarily it is 'Co-operative Radio' piping a oft cruel selection of 80s/90s hits with bargain promoting intermissions.

City of God is a hard film indeed, and you rightly say 'harrowing'.

Word Verification = water

ib said...

'Co-operative Radio' has a certain ring to it! Better than Radio Clyde, certainly. These supermarket compilation loops are excruciating.