Friday, March 27, 2009

arthur alexander & sex

john tobler's punk cash-in, phoebus publishing, 1977.

the sex clothes were shocking
but they were art.
i know 'cause i've got them on my wall.

- Marco Pirroni
"punk.", colegrave & sullivan.

This comes courtesy of Crispin over at Reel Cool.

Better known here in the UK as the lead track on The Rolling Stones January, 1964 EP, this Alexander composition was originally the a-side of a Dot Records 45 released in the US in 1961.

Born in Sheffield, Alabama in 1940
, Arthur Alexander was critically acclaimed as a Country Soul pioneer and cited by some as a major influence on the Beatles' John Lennon. A R&B hit on Nashville's Dot Records, the recording was laid down in a rudimentary studio occupying an old Tobacco warehouse in Muscle Shoals on the Tennessee River. It made enough waves across the Atlantic that it found its way onto the in store jukebox in Malcolm McLaren's SEX on the Kings Road, eventually making it onto Marco Pirroni's retrospective compilation.

ARTHUR ALEXANDER: YOU BETTER MOVE ON from "You Better Move On b/w A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues" 45 (Dot Records) 1961 (US)



Emmett said...

Finally finished about 101 work emails and now I'm unwinding with the lone beer remaining in my fridge and this Arthur Alexander soundtrack.

Which were the A.A. songs the Beatles covered? Anna and Soldier of Love was it?

ib said...

Yes. These are the only two I know of for sure, but there are possibly more.

Hope you enjoyed that beer.

Emmett said...

Yes, the beer was great, thanks. Brooklyn Lager.

ib said...

Do they still make "Mickey's Big Mouth", Emmett ? I think it was made in NYC ?

emmett said...

i've never heard of that particular libation ib but I will look out for it...