Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we fuck on cinder blocks

Roll up! From the cancerous bowels of New York City...

"The most punk rock country-blues chamber orchestra on earth."
The debt owed Tom Waits here is striking - after a three minutes past midnight fashion - but other songs hint at something beyond "Rain Dogs". Front man, Johnny B. - "A Legend in his own mind" - has the kind of presence Sideshow Bob might approve of. Or Captain Beefheart painted into a corner with a cuban cigar.

Johnny B: songs, singing, guitar; Jackson Kincheloe: harmonica, lap steel;
Melissa E: accordion, keys, piano, organ;
Tucker Rountree: 1971 fender stratocaster; Doug Wright: bo' fiddle;
Lucas Leto: percussion, hammer, kit, clang, bang, kaboom.

"The band’s self-titled debut album “Electric Black” will be released on May 15th and available on iTunes and CD Baby.
It was produced by Fernando Aponte (producer of
Tito Puente) and mixed at the legendary Avatar Studios in Studio B."

ELECTRIC BLACK: OUR LOVE IS SMOKING from "Our Love Is Smoking" Promo MP3 (Mad Apple Music) 2009 (US)



ib said...

For those siblings in or near NYC, Electric Black will next be shining darkly, live and armed with absinthe:

Thursday March 26th at 11pm,
Bowery Electric,
Death Or Glory Party,
bowery at joey ramone place (2nd st),
New York, New York 10012,
$5 open bar 10-11pm.

Tell 'em SibLINGSHOT primed you.

Troy Holder said...

I was really stoked to learn about this song from your blog, Thanks!


ib said...

Thanks for the feedback, Troy. Your comment is especially appreciated, given that I intended to feature a new EB recording which filtered in on my mailbox a few weeks back. Apologies. It's been a strange couple of weeks or so, and my mind has been wandering even more than usual.