Thursday, September 17, 2009

after wal; hol and mart

Recorded at home in Texas, in between soulless shifts at Wal-Mart and diaper changes. All instruments overdubbed by Maureen Tucker; atmospherics courtesy of the Tucker clan.

MAUREEN TUCKER: BO DIDDLEY from "Playin' Possum" LP (Trash Records) 1981 (US)



MikeB in NYC said...

Thanks for posting this Ib. Mo is a trailblazer ignored by the gatekeepers of "Rock History" and never gets the credit she deserves (neither does Cale, or S. Morrison - always Lou, maybe the most overrated of all artistes).

Belated congrats on your recent nuptials...

ib said...

Thanks for the belated good wishes, Mike B, and thanks for the feedback here.

Albeit I am a longstanding fan of Lou's, it nonetheless rankles that Mo almost faded into the netherworld so absolutely after the dissolution of the Velvet Underground. Not just a powerhouse drummer, she is (as you rightly remark) a genuine trailblazer. On listening to "Playin' Possum" after countless years of Lou Reed (and John Cale) solo projects through the intervening years, it can't fail to strike home just how much Mo helped shape the VU sound.


I love all thing velvety underground, but Mo is the, whatever...& I mean this in all sincerity. Though a fan of JC's, I have never much taken to LR except for dextrorotory components synthesis of sympathomimetic musics (or Metal Machine Music). But as MikeB in NYC says, both Sterling Morrison & Maureen Tucker are as it were creme de le creme.

ib said...

"...dextrorotory components synthesis of sympathomimetic musics."

I can well believe Lou might just have conjured up these choice bon mots of doublespeak.

Sometimes I love the conceit of MMM, at other times I am less enthralled. It depends on the extent of self-medication.