Thursday, September 17, 2009

cosmic warrior

I streamed the following T. Rex cover early this morning when I noticed it had arrived overnight in my mailbox. From the bathroom - making water with my sleep befuddled head lolling on my shoulder - it sounded disconcertingly like Alvin and the Chipmunks, or even Pinky and Perky.

Still. The very same accusations were once leveled at the very puckish Mark Feld.

Dance it out the womb.

"cosmic dancer iii", 2009, by chennu pillai.

MANETT: COSMIC DANCER from "Citiholic" EP (Unknown Label) 2009 (?)


Your driver said...

By the way, nice mandala.

ib said...

Yes! I like it too. A remodeled (I think) Vedic kali yantra I found somewhere online. Sadly, I can't claim credit it for it.

ib said...

I am unsure whether the colours employed are traditional, or not.