Sunday, September 6, 2009

he said, she said...

collage by klaus voorman.

An intriguing splicing of demos from the "Revolver" era, culled from
the original vinyl bootleg - "Lost Lennon Tapes (Volume 2)" - and reissued on a double CD through the Dutch label, Walrus, in 1996.

back off boogaloo.

JOHN LENNON: HE SAID HE SAID from "The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes (Volumes 1 & 2)" 2 x CD (Walrus / Bootleg) 1996 (Holland)


Your driver said...

Revolver is my favorite Beatles album. Nice to hear the song stripped down to basics.

ib said...

Over the years a lot of those demos - the bootlegs and approved versions on the Anthology collections - have come to supersede the definitive Martin productions for me in terms of raw spontaneity and bare boned sketchiness. Not solely because the official product is so indelibly impressed.

Its kind of hard to pinpoint any one Beatles album as a favourite, but 'Revolver' is certainly in the running.

I confess I've only been mildly interested in the shiny new remasters due for release this week, but time will tell.

Your driver said...

The thing about the Beatles is that I can hear most of their songs, note for note, just by thinking about them. I almost never listen to them now, but they were such a part of the world of my childhood and early adolescence that they've worn deep grooves in my mind. I'm not at all interested in any of the Beatles mythology. Have no desire to read about them. I don't really care what John Lennon had to say about any particular issue. I never bought any of the albums they released as individual post Beatles.

With no hard feelings, they're a part of childhood that I've left behind. What I find funny is that sometimes I'll find myself humming a favorite Beatles tune, only to realize that it was a Rutles tune. The Rutles album is one of the Beatles' best records.

ib said...

I hugely enjoyed the Rutles mocumentary at the time it was broadcast, but in those days (just) before the advent of VCRs I rather quickly lost track of those Idle and Innes takes. I never owned the LP.

Ah. I love the Beatles. Everything between Rubber Soul and Abbey Road. "Deep Grooves", for sure. The only Lennon solo LP I bought on vinyl was the first Plastic Ono Band. A great LP. I detest "Imagine". I have no time for it at all.