Thursday, September 10, 2009

pal joey and the queens mafia

Anyone with half a heart will guess immediately from just checking in on yesterday's 1974 post what this is all about.

Formed in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC in the very same year, our holey knock-kneed stick insects concocted the perfect antidote to all which was sick and rotten in the state of detritus. A simple largactyl laced three chord syrup for all our ills.

As unequivocal as a slap straight on the kisser.

I have been grossly negligent up here on the bleachers, sadly. A chain-smoking fuckwad nursing uncalled nostalgia much of the time.

It was only as the result of my wife nagging me to wear my reading glasses that I realized just how much I'd given over to half fartedness. That, and the last two fingers of a bottle of Italian House White we purchased earlier; in spite of more sound financial judgment.

As I sit here typing spastically on one digit, I am mildly shocked to recall that Johnny Ramone was born - Cummings, motherf@cker - way back in 1948. A mere three years after the Big Red One. Sma
ll wonder, then, he bequeathed us so much shit on lugers; blitzkriegs; and bop. A commando on Quaaludes, he dealt dealt back the aftershock in graphic primary colors. No f@ckin' 'u' for you.

This, ultimately, is what made it a good deal easier to swallow all that tired Emerson, Lake & Palmer crap; the low slung bass of Dee Dee and the myopic impertinence of Pal Joey strobing out over the closed jackboot ranks of a CBGB's anorexic gathering.

God bless 'em.




Produced by Tamás Erdélyi and Tony Bongiovi.

RAMONES: SHEENA IS A PUNK ROCKER from "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker b/w Commando / I Don't Care" 45 (Sire) 1977 (US)

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ib said...

Hey Nazz!

My pal, Gus crafted a Ramones illustration which he gave to Joey and Dee backstage at the Apollo when they played Glasgow in 1977.

The boys were suitably appreciative but lo and behold, when 'Road To Ruin' appeared on the racks in '78 there it was; a diluted rip-off in living colour without the appropriate credit.

I believe Linda Stein eventually sent my friend a crumpled $20 bill as a kind of "fuck you". And; I don't believe many tears were shed when news filtered over here in 2007 with regard to her fitting demise.

"Beat On The Brat".

I had more or less forgotten about Dee Dee's years in Deutschland, until you reminded me. And I had forgotten about Jon Bon Jovi's uncle's involvement with the production in NYC too. It's a small world, alright.

"Sitting here in Queens, eating refried beans..."

By way of an aside, Glasgow City Council banned the Ramones debut here from record shops across the city as a result of the glue sniffing references... Sniffin' solvents was endemic over here.

It sold by the shed load anyways.

The majority of our most hardened abusers had never heard of the Ramones until they were splashed across the tabloids. Any publicity is good publicity, as some London shopkeeper once remarked...