Saturday, September 5, 2009

don't slander me

mapledurham watermill.

"I'm back, I'm back, I'm on the right track..."

Who ever said married life was easy ?

I am quite blissfully partnered, but I thought I might just appeal to my more juvenile self with a piece of bile aimed squarely at very local external (under the) influences who would seek to promote irrevocable damage. Just remember this - if you have mastered even rudimentary literacy, motherf@cker - slander is a capital offense in my book.

Written by David Waggoner; Dick Weigland: Larry Weigland.



ROKY ERICKSON: DON'T SLANDER ME from "Don't Slander Me" LP (Pink Dust) 1986 (US)
BOB DYLAN: POSITIVELY 4th STREET from "Positively 4th Street b/w From A Buick 6" 45 (Columbia) 1965 (US)


Löst Jimmy said...

Ah the famous Mapledurham Watermill artwork for the Sabs fine debut...Friday 13th February 1970. And a choice cut from that very album, Evil Woman...nice!

Have a good Sunday bro'

ib said...

Indeed. Although I wasn't aware the photograph was taken on Friday 13th (?). Cheers, Löst Jimmy!

Infinitely my favourite Sabbath album, this one.

The Dylan cut - barbs and all - was my wife's selection. Choice.

Anonymous said...

BS & Fri.13 kool, but what were you trying to say?

ib said...

Hey, anon. Don't really care to elaborate, suffice to say that certain parties have made more than mildly inflammatory - and wholly groundless - claims. That's Life, as they say. And maybe they ought to go and make one for themselves before misleadingly piling on the woe.

Glad you enjoyed the BS.

Sabbath, that is, and not the bullshit.

Your driver said...

On the bonus, I just remembered that I bought that Dylan 45 when it came out. I think I was 11. Precocious little bastard. Saved my allowance and bought it at Grandway in Paramus, New Jersey.

I have to say that, at age 11, I didn't understand the song, but Dylan had a tremendous emotional impact on me. A little later, I bought Highway 61 revisited with my birthday money. It scared me to death. I could not listen to "It's Alright Ma.." It gave me feelings that I couldn't understand, but were flat out terrifying.

ib said...

The same might be said of Dylan himself, on penning that particular one: "Precocious little bastard."

I bought "Highway 61" at age 12,too - saved for out my school lunch money - a good few years after its release, albeit. I still have that copy. The record store is long defunct.