Wednesday, November 25, 2009

anchor snapper

ANC 1021.

Lifted from their 1975 LP, "Elastique" - also released on the UK independent Anchor label - "Why Did You Do It ?" remains as taut and inviting a proposition as a 38" peach in a g-string.

Brassy white funk delivered without irony or criminal remorse. The last gasp of live circuit desperadoes drowning in Johnny Walker watered down with flat Cola served in plastic cups.

A hangover in a goldfish bowl doubling as a dressing room.

Fronted by Elmer Gantry - one time vocalist and guitarist in Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera as early as 1967, and session singer with the Alan Parsons Project on the track "Psychobabble" - it was his decision to team up with newcomer, 'Kirby' which directly led to their modestly securing a UK Top 20 hit. Buoyed by Steve Emery on bass and Jim Russell on drums, Stretch stepped into the studio and promptly laid down a number of Gantry and Kirby compositions. Produced by an aspiring Martin Rushent, a tide of journeymen horn players - including Mike Bailey and Ron Carthy - were brought in to further augment the mix. An inspired development.

The resulting 45, penned by Kirby, garnered more than its share of radio play and lingered in the UK charts for nine weeks without actually troubling the Top 10. It should have gone much higher, but them's the breaks; worn knicker elastic or not.

With no small thanks to 'Scarab' for reminding me why this originally was one of the very first songs posted on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS.

Hold the cocaine and stretch limousine. Keep the champagne on ice. "Why Did You Do It ?" was sadly a flash in the pan.

STRETCH: WHY DID YOU DO IT ? from "Why Did You Do It ? b/w Write Me A Note" 45 (Anchor) 1975 (UK)

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