Sunday, November 15, 2009

the lazy earl of wessex

Annotated as an "outtake"on the 2002 repackage, I can hear nothing here differing significantly from their definitive LP version.

The most recent accession, of course, to the Dukedom of Wessex is none other than 'our' Prince Edward; a tiresome brat harboring melodramatic delusions of grandeur. A dribbling imbecile racing from one knockout to the next. No Tad 'behemoth', he. More a sneering conduit of waste. The antithesis of Darwinism. As a Pictish heathen with a dash of Ghengis Khash running through my veins, I feel no allegiance whatsoever to the House of Windsor. And scarcely more to Holyrood. We'll suffer no whiff of borgeois monarchism here.

No small amount of atrocious snivelling.

We bring with us the ghosts of lepers and saints to staunch our mortal wounds.

SEX PISTOLS: SEVENTEEN (Wessex Studios, NMTB Outtake) from "Box Set" 3 x CD (Virgin) 1977 / 2002 (UK)

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